Causes and Cures for Embarrassing Flatulence

Although gas is a common occurrence and anyone can suffer from it, it can reach the point where it becomes a noticeable problem for you – especially when it’s happening often.

There are numerous reasons why flatulence develops. It’s caused by gas within your digestive system. This gas has to escape so that the pressure inside your body is relieved.

One of the reasons that you might develop flatulence happens when you’re eating or drinking something that causes a disruption in your stomach. As you’re doing this, air is also entering your body and making its way down into your digestive system.

While the food and drink you consumed will be digested, the air won’t. It just continues to build up. The types of food that you eat can also cause flatulence. You’ll notice that there are some meals that you eat and you almost immediately feel like you need to pass gas.

Pickles can not only cause flatulence, but they can also cause some uncomfortable gas pains. Another food that’s well known to cause flatulence are beans. As beans are digested, gas is produced.

Onions and cabbage are both known to cause flatulence and so are carrots and some fake sugars that you’ll find in food and beverage items. Whenever you take in too much air through eating fast or chewing gum, it can cause flatulence to develop.

Consuming a lot of carbonation can also make you have gas. If you gulp something, that can make you swallow air. Sometimes, there are some over the counter medications like aspirin as well as some prescriptions like narcotics for pain relief that are known to cause flatulence.

Some supplements that you take to make sure you get enough vitamins, minerals or fiber can make you have gas. Besides medications, there are medical conditions that can lead to flatulence.

If you have a type of intestinal condition like celiac disease, excessive gas can be a problem. You can also have an inability to tolerate certain ingredients found in dairy and that can cause flatulence.

Crohn’s disease can make you suffer from flatulence and so can irritable bowel syndrome. Anything that upsets the balance in the bacteria in your gut can cause it as well.

But thankfully, you don’t just have to put up with this often embarrassing ailment. You can easily treat it right in the privacy of your own home. First, if notice that your flatulence happens most often when you eat certain foods, then you’ll find some relief by simply altering your diet so that you eliminate those items.

If your medications are the culprit, and they’re over the counter products, you can switch them yourself to something that doesn’t have this side effect. If it’s a prescription medication, talk to your doctor about changing medicines.

Probiotics that work to restore the bacteria health in your digestive system can stop or decrease the occurrence of built up gas. You can also buy anti-gas medications that are known to end flatulence so that you find relief.

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