Different Ways to Treat Excessive Sweating

There are many different ways that you can treat excessive sweating. The type of treatment that you’ll need to use depends on why you have hyperhidrosis. If you have the kind that’s not caused by a more serious underlying health issue, then your treatment will be fairly simple.

For people with no serious health problems, you can use over the counter products that can keep the sweating under control. Not all retail stores will keep specialized products for the condition on hand, so you may have to order it online yourself.

By using the products, you’ll be able to bring the sweating to a normal level as well as prevent any social embarrassment caused by excessive sweating. You can buy antiperspirants that are known to help control excessive sweating.

These can be found in the form of pads, lotions, sprays or roll-ons. Not all antiperspirants are as good for the condition as specialized products are. You’ll need to use ones that are labeled to help with the condition.

The labels on these products will clearly state that they can stop, block or control hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating because they’re formulated for that purpose. If the type of excessive sweating that you have is related to emotional upheaval, then you need to deal with whatever is affecting you.

In many cases, the use of anti-anxiety drugs can help to control sweating that’s emotionally related. But if the issue isn’t dealt with, the condition may continue – even with drugs.

For people who are struggling with the condition to the point that it’s affecting them socially, you can visit your doctor and get a prescription that can work to control the sweating.

These medicines can be applied topically or taken as a pill. Keep in mind, however, that many of these medications do come with side effects that may be worse to deal with than the actual sweating is.

If you’re someone dealing with excessive sweating and you are obese, even losing ten percent of your total body weight can be a good start to controlling the condition. Some more expensive options include using botox to treat the excessive sweating.

This works because it can block the nerves that control the sweat. But this will have to be done over and over again since it’s not a permanent solution. A more serious treatment option is surgery.

You can reduce the number of sweat glands that you have in a certain area and you can also have nerves that control the sweating clipped. Both of these options should only be done as a last resort because they are not reversible and there are greater risks involved with surgery.

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