Michonne (Walking Dead)

Walking Dead fans (and there are certainly many of those) will be wanting to throw in a little nod to their favourite TV show this Halloween, and the great news is that you can do that very easily, and without spending too much cash. This massively popular comic series has been made into one of the biggest TV shows around, and when it comes to costumes, you can do this easily and very effectively indeed. No need to spend a fortune on a costume you are probably never going to wear again, and this particular choice is probably already lurking in your wardrobe, with just a few extras to add for authenticity.

The guys have many choices to go for, such as Daryl Dixon for example, but the ladies have a fantastic option too – Michonne.

Michonne is a mysterious zombie hunter, played by Danai Gurira, who doesn’t say too much, out of fear of attracting more of the walking dead wherever she may go. She carries go jaw-less zombies on her costume, and these later turn out to be her zombified best friend and ex-boyfriend. She roams around the wastelands looking for zombies to eradicate. In terms of how to achieve her look and costume, it’s really simple.

Ladies, all you need is a brown leather waistcoat, a pair of blue jeans, a vest top, some finger-less gloves, and perhaps a long wig of black dreadlocks to really complete the look. Accessory-wise you just need a plastic sword, and you really have the Michonne look down to a tee.

The fantastic thing about choose Michonne for your Halloween party costume is that it is easy to do, doesn’t cost the earth, and will really grab attention, especially amongst fellow TV show fans – this is a costume that will be a conversation starter, and that is a great thing at a party! Another pro is that you are doing something a little different, rather than the usual ghost or witch outfit which, let’s face it, has been done to death over the last few decades!

Deadshot (Suicide Squad) Costume

Suicide Squad is coming soon and with the film’s release comes a desire to dress up like the main characters, especially on the Halloween night. One of the stand out characters from the trailer so far is Deadshot, Will Smith’s marksman that spends most of the film in a single costume that can be sorted out if you’re either on a budget or dealing with a large amount of money.

Like with many of the characters in the upcoming film, you’ll have to start out with the gun, which is a substantial sniper rifle when it comes to Deadshot, along with a gun holster for a pistol slung on his side. Before we get into the actual clothes you’ll be buying, also note that you need to pick up a can of silver spray pain which we’ll get to later. Now, as for the clothes that you need, you’re going to be spending most of Halloween in a mixture of sports and protective clothing, including a thin tee, cargo pants, sports gloves and combat boots, all of which should be black. On top of that goes red on black shin pads, black knee pads and a black protective vest. We’re working on everything from the neck up now, which includes a white balaclava and golden cross. You use the spray paint on a black combat mask which will be going over the top of your balaclava, but let it dry first obviously. While this is the full costume, we would suggest that you may want to leave out the headgear as it will get quite hot in there, and Deadshot has been seen in the various adverts without the headgear, so you’ll still be authentic.

If you’re a sports fan, there’s a chance you’ve already got some of this stuff lying around, or at least have a good excuse for using after Halloween is over. Otherwise, there’s plenty of options online where you can find some great costume ideas to head to the party as Deadshot for this Halloween

Deadpool Costume

Superheroes come in many different guises, be it Superman, Batman, Cat Woman, Wonder Woman, or Spiderman, but one of the most recent and most humourous superheroes to grace our screens has to be Deadpool. The huge success of the film has made this go mainstream, and you can bet your bottom dollar that this Halloween there will be several Deadpools out on the loose around parties and streets that particular night!

Of course, dressing as Deadpool is going to require a certain amount of patience, especially when trying to go to the toilet! This is a full body, spandex outfit, with a mask, and it is certainly skin tight, so don’t expect much in the way of forgiveness! The plus point however is that you will get everything you need when you buy the costume as a package, so no need to put it together yourself. If you want to add accessories, which may or may not be included, then really all you need is the sword holster, to give it a bit of extra authenticity oomph. Of course, if you feel a little suffocated, you don’t have to wear the mask, but it really would ruin the look.

Deadpool himself is played by Ryan Reynolds, and is actually a character called Wade Wilson. Wilson works for the Special Forces and he is captured by evil scientist Ajax, who turns him into Deadpool after a series of experiments. What is left is a hugely funny hero with accelerated healing powers. You can certainly have some fun with this outfit, studying the moves and one-liners beforehand and putting them into action on the night as you transform yourself into Deadpool himself – ideal party fodder!

Of course, children can dress up as Deadpool too, and there are adult and child costumes available for purchase.

Deadpool is a costume that is really designed to make people laugh, rather than scare people, and that is great for door to door trick or treating too, because you will have your residents in stitches as they laugh at you – hey, they might even give you an extra treat as a result! Kids will certainly pull this role off well too, grabbing more than a few laughs. Halloween doesn’t have to be scary all the time!

Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad) Costume

There’s no doubt you should consider any Suicide Squad characters for this year’s Halloween dress-up, and one of the best choices would be that of Harley Quinn. With its more adult themes, this Harley Quinn costume will no doubt appeal to many people out there looking for something that lets them show off their assets while looking great in its own right.

Let’s start by saying that this costume, unless you’re looking to do it in a vague manner, is more likely to work for people who think of themselves as creative and willing to throw a lot of effort at what they’re wearing on Halloween. For example, Quinn’s hair in the new film is in two bunches that are died two separate colours, blue and pink, so you can either dye your tips for real or sort it yourself with some temporary colouring. Next, you’ll need a white tee with a band of red at the top, “Daddy’s Little Monster” scrawled across the chest, which is all possible with a DIY attitude. She has a heart tattoo on her cheek, which is easily drawn on, along with heavy eye shadow and red lipstick. Take a look at your local alternative clothing shop for rings and wristbands, and you’ve got the top half of your costume! From there you’ll need very thin tights and some standard trainers, topped off by your weapon. You can either go for the easy option, buying a gun holster with a fake gun from any costume shop, or buying a baseball bat and making it your own. In the film, Quinn has scrawled “Good Night” on hers, but you could go with something completely news, writing all over the bat to make it your own. Finally, make sure you pick up some strawberry bubblegum on the way to the party so you can blow those trademark bubbles all night!

Depending on how you dress in your everyday life, there’s either a lot or nothing you can reuse with this one. It’s definitely one that you’ll want to invest a lot in if you want to pull off a good version of it.

El Diablo (Suicide Squad) Costume

Suicide Squad is one of the movies of the year and it’s something that’s loved by both adults and kids alike – especially those that are into comics. This means that, just in time for Halloween, you’ll be able to dress up as your favourite villains in their dark new themes, including El Diablo. One of the biggest draws for El Diablo over the various other members of Suicide Squad is that it’s relatively easy to pull together the resources and we wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve already got half the things you’ll need to pull it together. That being said, the tattoos might be a struggle!

To begin, you’re going to need some casual sports pants and a tank top, like your standard gym wear, which you’ve already got sat around unless you’re not a big gym fan. With this, put a pair of standard trainers, preferably white, that also wouldn’t look out of place on the treadmill. Now, you’ve got a choice of two things now. You can either put a green parka over the top, the kind you’d usually see on Liam Gallagher, or stump up the money for an “El Diablo” letterman jacket, or a standard blue one without the iconography. After we’ve sorted out the clothes part of the costume, it’s time we moved onto the hard part. El Diablo is covered with tattoos, and we mean covered. So, what you’re going to need a mixture of a fake tattoo kit and various forms of makeup, such as eyeliner. With these, you can get someone with a steady hand to work on your tattoos or make up some of your own.

Just as you’ll likely have most of this costume waiting for you in your wardrobe, if you don’t already have it there, you’ll find many uses for it outside of Halloween. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong with putting this costume together as long as you are willing to find someone to put your tattoos on for you!

Eevee (Pokemon) Costume

Not every Halloween costume has to be ferocious and dripping in blood and gore, because there is often a subtler approach, which works fantastically well for children when choosing an outfit. Pokemon is huge at the moment, and this year you are sure to find countless Pokemon running around the streets on Halloween night, looking for tricks and treats – it will almost be like a real Pokemon Go game! Maybe you have a budding Pokemon fan in your family, or a long-standing one, and in that case, you’ll be spoilt for choice this Halloween.

If your small child is looking for a Pokemon costume, and doesn’t really want to go down the Pikachu route, Eevee is a great option. This cute, fox-like creature looks almost like a cat in a lot of ways, with bushy, brown fur, a cute tail, and a small, black nose. The costume itself will keep your child warm, as with many of the Pokemon costumes, which are made of fleece material and are almost like body suits, so you can be sure that nobody is going to get cold whilst out and about on Halloween evening. Whilst cute in appearance, Eevee can be fierce, like most Pokemon, and when it comes to trick or treating, this is a great defense mechanism – treat of a cute fox at your door, or trick as a snarling one! The choice is trick or treat!

Eevee is one of the countless different species of Pokemon which have evolved from the anime TV show, and then into mainstream video games since 1996. Developed in Japan, Pokemon has become hugely popular across the world, and the recent Pokemon Go game has thrown in the extra of trying to get players out and about and active, looking for Pokemon around their local community. Eevee is known for his/her ability to run fast, so your little ones can use this known skill as part of their costume armoury, running away from other Pokemon that they may encounter during the evening trick or treating!

Eevee is a great choice for something a little different in the Pokemon line.

Donald Trump Costume

A man who was once just a noted millionaire/entrepreneur is now all over the world’s news as he fights to the become the new president of the United States of America. Whether your politics align with him and the Republican Party, there are many reasons why either side of the spectrum would want to dress up as Trump. Either you want to lampoon him through a hilariously constructed costume or you want to show him the respect you believe he deserves by throwing together a Trumpian outfit.

It has to be said that Donald Trump really isn’t that hard to throw together as a straight costume. Both young and old Trump has pretty much always been seen wearing a fairly standard suit, usually grey, black or dark blue and a matching tie, along with his trademark wispy comb over. This means that if you don’t feel like you should throw some flair onto it, Trump is an incredibly easy costume for any Halloween goers, consisting entirely of a suit and a blond wig. Now, if you’re less than satisfied with the Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign, then there’s also ways to make this costume into your own little protest. With the same suit and tie, you could go with a knife through the chest or an arrow through the head. Maybe you want to be subtle, adding little flaws or features that move people to laugh at Trump, such as an inordinate amount of fake tan or a clown nose. These a merely jumping off points for your own creations, so let your imagination go with this one. There’s also the option to dress your toddler or child up as Trump for the purposes of a joke. Yet again, this would essentially be a small but standard suit with no extra frills, which will likely cost you very little as long as you went somewhere cheap.

As with many costumes, you can use the materials again once you’ve finished enjoying Halloween, with the Trump possibilities being obvious. In fact, if you’re currently in the market for a suit, you could simply buy yourself one and wear it with a wig. You’ve got yourself a Trump!

Squirtle (Pokémon) Costume

If you are looking for a cute outfit for this Halloween, but one which has a scary attack element, then this is the one. There is undeniably nothing cuter than a young child dressed up as a turtle, but we also know that young children can be fierce themselves, just like little Squirtle!

Squirtle is one of the Pokemon characters which was in the Japanese anime series in the 90s, and has made it into the new Pokemon Go game, which has taken of massively this year. Pokemon may be generally known as cute characters which seek out interaction with other Pokemon, whilst also defending themselves from attack, but they are also present in different forms, such as lizards, dragons, and this cute little fellow, a turtle.

This particular outfit is fantastic as a Halloween choice for many reasons, not only its appearance. The shell covers the back with a fleece bodysuit for the rest of it, and a hat for keeping those heads and ears warm in cool temperatures. The shell and tail add to the fun of the costume too.

Squirtle is known for his natural ability to shoot water out of his mouth, which is where his main form of attack lies – this means that your little ones can play with that and have fun on Halloween evening, as well as using the shell as protection, to hide from potential “attacks”. This is a costume which allows for imagination and games too, which could be further reaching than just Halloween. Appearance-wise, Squirtle has a brown shell with blue head, legs, feet, and tail, and a yellow belly. The costume is plush and warm, again, and is actually one of the most adorable costumes available in the Pokemon range – this is best suited to small children, such as toddlers.

Many will choose a more well-known Pokemon character to dress up as, such as Pikachu, which his undoubtedly the most famous, but Squirtle is a fantastic choice as something different, something to surprise people (which is the main point of Halloween), and also fantastic for smaller children.

Pikachu (Pokemon) Costume

One of the most popular Halloween costumes this year is undoubtedly going to be Pokemon related, and if you want to dress your child up in what is the arguably the ‘best’ Pokemon of them all, then it has to be the undeniably cute, but equally as fierce, Pikachu.

Pokemon was huge back in the 90s, but has shown a resurgence recently with the release of the iconic Pokemon Go game; this means that there is no better time than to choose the most on-trend costume.

The Pokemon costume is bright, colourful, and actually quite warm for your children to wear on those chilly Halloween evenings. Bright yellow, this means they will be seen from a distance, which is great for safety, and it comes with an attached lightning bolt-shaped tail, and a hat. The great news is that this costume can also be hand washed, which cuts out any stain or mishap problems!

Pokemon is the central character in the Pokemon games and TV series, which originated in Japan as part of an anime series. You could argue that Pokemon make anime go mainstream, and Pikachu is certainly the most famous of them all. The show took its major fame back in 1996 in Japan, which quickly spread across Europe and the world. Pokemon, and indeed Pikachu, are creatures which are mouse-like, and although appearing cute, certainly have a fighting edge. They have black-tipped ears and red spots on their cheeks, which spark with electricity when they are mad or fighting, or even interacting with other Pokemon; although your child’s costume certainly won’t do that, they can pretend, which pushes imagination and your children will love pretending to be Pokemon themselves.

Pikachu himself is a small creature, although your little Pikachu certainly won’t be as small as the actual character. The attached tail is shaped like a lightning bolt, which they will love swishing around and pretending to spark thunder and lightning. Put simply, this is a bang on trend costume for your kids to enjoy this Halloween, whilst also having a rather cute appearance at the same time – who said Halloween had to be actually scary?!

Killer Croc (Suicide Squad) Costume

So you’ve decided that out of all the Suicide Squad members you just had to be Killer Croc? Well, either you’re going to have to get inventive here or be a world class makeup artist, but no matter what you do we’re sure it’ll be good enough to see you through Halloween. That being said, we’d be surprised if you couldn’t find some use out of the clothing we’ll be getting together, so it’s not all bad news.

Killer Croc is a fairly simple costume, starting with 12 eye boots that come above your ankle in black, a pullover hoodie, black cargo pants and a specific jacket for Croc that was made for the upcoming film. Even if you don’t get the jacket, it doesn’t matter because the main part of your costume will be exactly how you figure out what to make your skin look like. If you had to pick any of these clothes, we’d say that the pullover hoodie has made the biggest impression in the trailers as the suicide squad member is obsessed with making sure nobody can see him due to the grotesque skin on his face. Now we get to the real meat of it, and this one comes down to your creativity. You could buy yourself a mask for Killer Croc that I’m sure will be coming out officially but someone will have already made them online. You could also work out some form of makeup for yourself, especially if you have the knowledge to sort it out yourself.

There isn’t a lot that goes into this costume, as the film focuses mainly on the skin of Killer Croc rather than the clothes he’s wearing. The upside of this is that the clothes are relatively inoffensive, so we doubt there is anybody out there who wouldn’t be able to use them after Halloween, meaning the money you spent on them won’t be a complete waste. Even if you just use them to sit around the house in, you’ll know that you’re getting your money’s worth.