Best Protein For Weight Loss

Protein is a one of the main nutrients you’ll need in order to help you lose weight and get healthy. It is actually common knowledge to fitness buffs and bodybuilders as the most important food group to get when they are trying to lose weight. They know that protein contributes to muscle development, plus it curbs hunger and reduces cravings.

Talk about a win win situation and the best part is that protein is easy to come by, but find the right types to help you not hinder your progress. Nowadays they even have food that more protein has been added. For example, you can buy protein enriched tortilla wraps.

In order to effectively shed the inches and lose the pounds, below are a few protein food options you can eat:

Stock Up on Lean Fish and Poultry

When you’re including meat in your diet. Think beyond red meats like steak. These can have huge amounts of fat and that will counter act the benefits you would get from the steak.

For your meat, choose lean. Chicken breasts, Salmon or Cod are better options and a good foundation to a protein rich diet.

An Easy Addition – Spinach

Shifting to a high protein diet does not have to be a tedious task. Adding a few things to your diet can elevate the protein in your meals easily.

Spinach is a great example. Plus it can be added to quite a few things.

Try including a few leaves of spinach to your pasta. It is yummy, it doesn’t have that much effect on the taste and it sure does pack a protein-punch.

Another way to add more spinach is to include it in your smoothies. While this might sound weird, it is tasty. Don’t add too much until you get used of it being in your morning drink.

For A Quick Fix, Canned Tuna is the Way to Go

Another way to get more protein in your diet is to stock the pantry with canned tuna. Not only will you save money with this essential it is also quick to make.

Manufacturers carry tuna in cans as well as pouches, so you can even take it on the go. With the pouch, all you have to do is tear the top part off to get to the goodness inside. So it is a fast alternative and might keep you away from the fast food restaurant you might be tempted to stop at.

Eggs for Breakfast

Usually, people eat cereals for breakfast. It is affordable, it is convenient and it is delicious. However, there are brands of cereals that are basically sugar. It is not healthy and it is a terrible way to start your day because you’ll eventually crash from the sugar high.

Try eating eggs instead. They are just as cheap and can be prepared ahead of time if you’re rushed in the morning.

Eating more protein will take time to get used too. Right now you might think that it just isn’t possible – but the truth is you already eat protein and switching to healthier option is just a matter of knowing what those options are.

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