6 Foods You’d Be Surprised are Loaded with Protein

Proteins are essential part of how your body works. You need to get the right type and the right amount in order to build and repair muscle, regulate blood levels, encourage a healthy metabolism, and reduce hunger and cravings. Whether you are trying to lose weight or currently bulking up, proteins have a major hand in your fitness goal success.

For people who are new to the healthy and sustainable lifestyle, they don’t know this and trying to figure out the what foods are rich in protein can be challenging.

Almost everyone knows that meat is a good source of protein. The only problem with meat is that it also has a lot of fat if you pick the wrong type. So the type of meat and how you cook it will determine your results.

Not sure what to eat to help you increase your protein?

Below are foods – including produce – you would be surprised to have a protein-packed punch:

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is not only thicker in consistency than regular yogurt but it also has twice as much protein in one serving. In order to make this treat a little bit more interesting, top it with fruits or honey for added flavor.

Look for a light version because Greek yogurt can also add the calories if you’re not careful.


Another way to get more protein is to replace cereals with eggs for your breakfast. This is a common change that people who are trying to gain muscle will do.

It totally makes sense when you consider how one egg contains at least 6 grams of protein.

Steak – Top or Bottom Round

Lean cuts of steak can be a good and delicious source of protein. It is relatively light in calorie and when cooked right, you wouldn’t think you are eating healthier. However, these fat lean cuts can be tricky to cook.

Chicken Breasts

Chicken breasts produce more protein than any other part of a chicken. Unsurprisingly, it is a staple in most bodybuilder’s pantry.

So, if your local grocery is having a sale on chicken breasts, be sure to stock up and freeze to use later.

Canned Light Tuna

Canned light tuna is a great way to add more protein to your diet as well. Sometimes people have a busy schedule, so picking up some tuna will help get the protein needed.
If you’re someone who wants to increase your protein intake but you don’t have the time to shop and meal prep, canned tuna should be at the top of your grocery list.

You’ll be able to get the protein you need without having to spend time in the kitchen. Definitely a win-win.


Protein can be found in other food choices besides meat and dairy products. Lentils are a great example. Plus they contain 13 grams of protein per 1/4 cup serving.

They come dried or canned so it can definitely be convenient. Some beans can take hours to soak and cook, but there are a couple of options. You can buy the canned or you can cook them in a pressure cooker in bulk and freeze the portion you don’t need right away.

As you can see there are options to get more protein into our diet. It doesn’t all have to be red meat. Instead use a variety of lean protein meat, dairy, product and beans.

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