5 Recommended Proteins To Eat

Proteins provide your body with essential nutrients so that it work properly. It regulates your blood sugar, keeps your cardiovascular system in check and ensures that you’re learning and cognitive abilities remain in top shape.

While carbohydrates and fats are also important to the physiological processes, choosing to load your diet with protein would make it easier to lose and maintain weight and lead a healthier lifestyle.

With that being said, you shouldn’t rush out to your nearest grocery store and buy as much red meat you can find because not all proteins are created equal. Some are healthier than others.

To create change for the better in your life and in your diet take a look at the healthiest sources of protein:

Think Dairy! Eggs, Milk and Yogurt

Dairy food options are prime sources of good protein. A medium egg for instance has 6g of protein per serving. Milk and yogurt are an easy way to get the protein that you need to fuel you for the entire day.

Incorporate all three in a power breakfast and it’ll pack the protein punch that will help fuel you through the day!

Protein from the Sea – Fish and Seafood

Steak contains protein, but it can be full of fat by itself. Once you start including how it is cooked and what is included you could be taking away most of the benefits that protein provides.

Instead try fish and seafood because they are good sources of protein without being all too fatty. They make tasty and flavorful meals as well.

Who says healthy has to be bland?

Quick Fix – Canned Tuna

A lot of people are discouraged from eating healthy because of effort it requires. While a this type of lifestyle does require commitment, there are easy ways to be healthy.

When it comes to protein rich diets, canned tuna is truly a lifesaver. Plus it is pretty inexpensive to buy. So being strapped for cash or time should not be an excuse to let go of your fitness goals.

Craving Pork? Choose Lean

Lean chicken and fish are always the best options in order to get the daily protein your body needs. However, there are days when you simply crave some pork.

On these days, you can indulge in your cravings – but indulge wisely. Choose lean cuts and opt for cooking methods that would avoid using huge amounts of oil.

Beans, Lentils and Nuts Are Good Options

Protein is often associated with meat but those are not the only sources of this nutrient. You could easily add nuts, beans and lentils to your diet. In fact they are a good source and you’ll start considering them your best protein friend.

The protein above is only a small portion of the protein out there. You can find meat, nuts, fruits, vegetables and beans – just to name a few. You won’t starve and the choices are endless on what you can eat and recipes you can enjoy.

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