4 Reasons to Eat Protein

There has been a long-standing debate between fats and carbohydrates as the leading cause of obesity and weight gain. In fact, it is still going on right now. But when it comes to protein it is a little more straightforward.

Eating enough protein is important to keep the body fit and healthy. The right kind ensures that your metabolism working correctly, that you have enough energy and that your blood sugar is at a safe level.

Most people do not understand how essential proteins are to the body and you might be surprised about all that it can do for you and your body.

Are you more of a carbs person and not much of a protein eater?

Below this articles will give you compelling reasons to consider putting more protein into your diet. These reasons will let you know why you should introduce more of these amino acid rich foods in your diet.

Trying to Lose Weight? Protein is the Answer

Over the years people have thought that eating more protein would make you gain weight. That isn’t true. The protein that you eat helps your body function properly. That includes helping it with your weight – whether by gaining or losing. In fact, if you are trying to lose weight, increasing your intake of protein is your best bet.

Protein has the ability to keep you feeling full for longer. It reduces your levels of ghrelin – the hunger hormone and increases peptide YY – which in turn keeps cravings and hunger at bay.

Bulk Up with the Right Type of Protein

Protein is integral in building muscle because muscle is primarily made up of protein. If you are physically active, keeping your protein levels high would prevent you from losing muscle while still losing weight.

However, there are several types of protein and it is important to choose the right type of protein to eat. You’ll want to pick proteins that aren’t high in fat like meat. Instead think of vegetables, nuts, and eggs.

Protein powders or drinks could be an essential part of your diet if you want to build muscle and lose weight.

Protein Keeps Your Bones Healthy

Unfortunately, protein is misunderstood. There are people who believe that protein increases the acid in the body; prompting the bones to surrender their calcium in order to neutralize the acid.

But this isn’t true. In fact, the opposite is true. People who consume more protein have better bone mass than those who don’t. Plus, they are less likely to develop osteoporosis and fractures.

This can come in handy when you’re exercising regularly. You don’t want to get injured during a workout session, so by eating more protein you’ll reduce the risk.

Injured? Loading Up on Protein Will Speed Up Your Recovery

The strings of amino acids found in protein rich food options are the main building blocks of the body. So the nutrient that is integral in repairing and healing your body after an injury is essential. Protein is that nutrient.

Protein will help your body in more ways than one in your diet. Consider adding more to your diet so that you can have all the benefits it provides.

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