4 Essential Minerals To Build Muscle

When you’ve decided to lose weight and tone your muscle you might have discovered that weight loss and muscle toning are not just about counting calories and staying away from carbs. Diet and exercise go hand in hand in the goal of reaching your ideal weight.

You don’t have to starve yourself to get that healthy fit glow, in fact that is not a good idea and will actually work again you in your efforts. You might lose some weight this way, but more than likely your body will send a message to your brain letting it know that you are indeed starving and than it will start conserving your body fat. Not only that this type of weight loss might not look good. You want a healthy shift to a sustainable and fit lifestyle.

Don’t fear there are natural minerals and nutrients that would help speed up the process of being fit. Aside from restraining yourself from indulging in certain foods and hitting the gym regularly, choosing the right vitamins and minerals is also an important element to weight loss. Plus they’ll give you what you need.

Below are 4 Essential Minerals That Will Help You Build Muscle:

More than Just For Colds – Vitamin C for Toning Muscle
Vitamin C is often associated with boosting your immune system. With enough of this vitamin in you system, you would be able to remain healthy even when everyone around you is sick.

But did you know that by taking Vitamin C or getting foods with this vitamin it will help you tone our muscles?
Vitamin C works this way because it is responsible for keeping the blood vessels healthy. These blood vessels transport oxygen and other nutrients that your muscles need.

The healthier your vessels are the more likely your muscles are getting what they need to remain and grow strong. So when you are exercising make sure to include this vitamin into your diet to take advantage of all the benefits it provides.

Reduce Inflammation with Fish Oil

While most people wouldn’t think they have inflammation in their body – the truth is that a majority of people do. Fish oil helps decrease the amount because of the anti-inflammatory properties found in it. Not only does it help in that regard, but it also helps with workouts providing less muscle swelling.

Fish oil helps in so many ways such as allowing the body to recover from exercise faster, detoxing your body from toxins and decrease hormones that cause inflammation.

Calcium – Good For the Bones, Good for the Muscles

Like Vitamin C, calcium is mostly associated with bone health. In fact it is so much more than preventing the development of osteoporosis.

Calcium is responsible for the muscles ability to contract and grow. To do this 1200 mg of calcium every day is recommended.

You can get your daily calcium needs from milk, green veggies or even a pill.

B Vitamins Make You Stronger

Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, B7 and B12 are, as a whole, are important to your bodily functions. When you start thinking about how Vitamin B helps muscles and weight loss, these nutrients are responsible for keeping nerves healthy and producing enough energy.

When you take B vitamins, you are more likely to have the energy to exercise at the end of a difficult work day or running after the kids.

Losing weight is never an easy thing to accomplish, but if you equip yourself with the right tools it will be far easier. Minerals that help repair your muscles, decrease inflammation and give you energy are at the top of those tools and ways you can get toned faster.

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