Use One of These Citrus Juicers for Healthier Consumption of Fruits

Citrus fruits can boost immunity as well as provide antioxidants. But not many people consume the amount of citrus that they need. It’s hard to go through the day constantly eating fruit.

The answer to that so you get the benefits from the fruit that your body needs is to use a citrus juicer. The Black & Decker 30-Watt model number CJ625 is a citrus juicer that holds 34 ounces and it has an automatic reamer that reverses.

It’s a 30 watt electric model that can make sure you get all the nutritional value of whatever citric fruit that you use. It operates using two cones that can turn either way so you get the most extraction possible.

You would choose which cone to use depending on the size of the fruit that you wanted to juice. Because this model has a pulp control that you can adjust, it lets you get more or less pulp depending on your preferences.

The container of the juicer is see through so that you observe how much juice you’re getting from the various fruits. Because the drip free pour spout container has the ounces listed on the size of it, this can let you know when you’ve reached the amount you wish to use.

The unit has a built in area to keep the cord neatly out of the way and it comes with a plastic storage cover. Epica Powerful Stainless Steel Whisper-quiet Citrus Juicer is one that can make juicing fast and easy.

It takes less time to get a yield from this model than other, more expensive juicers. It’s perfect to use when you want juice at home or when you want it for on the go.

The machine is known for how quietly it operates. You won’t hear grinding or whining noises as it operates. Getting started with the juicer is simple. You can get it to start just by pressing it and when you let go, the juicer will stop.

As you’re juicing the fruit, the yield goes straight from the juicer to the container you collect the juice in. The motor of the juicer can easily handle dozens of pieces of fruit, large or small.

Caring for the juicer is simple. You just rinse it out once you’re done using it. One great feature about this model is that it’s clog resistant. So you spend your time juicing and not clearing away clogs.

The model comes with two different size reamers to fit the fruits you’ll use. The reamers help to keep the pulp away from the juice. The Eurolux Easy to Use Stainless-steel Motorized Citrus Juicer is one that has 160 watts of power.

Yet even with that amount of power generating some serious rpms, it’s still a quiet machine. It uses a universal cone which enables it to handle various sizes of fruit from small to large.

It’s a simple juicer that’s loaded with handy features. You can just right into whatever container or glass that you’re using. The spout on the unit has a slight tip to it so that it works to prevent spilling.

You don’t have to fiddle with a lot of buttons to get it work either. You just push down on whatever piece of fruit you have in there by using the handle and it starts juicing.

Once you release the pressure, the machine will stop the juicing process. As it juices, the yield goes into the clear container that’s located within the machine. The cone and filter are both removable.

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