Try One of These Grain Mills to Boost Your Health

There are numerous reasons to have a grain mill in your kitchen. Milled grain is better for you. It’s healthier and the breads and other foods you make have a better, more wholesome taste.

Grain mills are not only more convenient and save you money, but using one can also open up a greater choice in grains than you would normally have. The KoMo Classic Grain Mill is one that can be used with any kind of dry grain like rice or oats, barley, rye, quinoa and more.

It can even handle garbanzo beans. When you grind your own grains, you can use the flour you create to make breads, pancakes, cookies and anything you can buy that’s flour based.

The machine is pretty fast at grinding, too. In less than 5 minutes, you can create a pound of flour. The machine is made from beechwood and comes with a 12 year warranty.

You can use the grain mill to create flour that’s fine in texture or course. It has a 360 watt motor. The operation of the mill is quiet. You can place up to 2 pounds of whatever grains you buy into the machine and grind until you get the amount of flour you have to have.

The operation of the machine is pretty simple. You push the switch located on the side of the mill and it goes to work. Because the mill can be used with different grains, it’s a perfect choice for someone who has allergies to certain ingredients in the flour used in store bought bread.

They can use the machine to create their own flour. The NutriMill Classic 760200 High Speed Grain Mill has an impressive 1200 watt motor which enables it to produce as much as 5 cups of milled grain for every minute of operation.

The machine can make finely textured flours and despite the power of the motor, this grain mill is quieter than most other models. This quick milling machine is built to withstand long term use and employs a motor cooling feature that helps keep the machine going longer as well as works to keep your grains at temperatures that are better for the nutrients.

You can adjust the texture of flour the machine produces and it has an adjustable motor speed. You can choose a wide range of fine, medium or coarse production.

The milling heads work at 30,000 rpms and the machine can hold 24 cups of flour. It does have a hopper extension as well as an air filter and separator cup with this model.

The NutriMill comes with a lifetime limited warranty. The Mockmill KitchenAid White Metal and Ceramic Grain Mill Attachment is not a stand alone grain mill. You have to have to the KitchenAid mixer to be able to use this, but it is made to work on any of the KitchenAid mixers as long as they’re the stand ones.

This grain mill is white metal and attaches to the top of the mixer. It’s pretty easy to get the piece to attach. It works using ceramic grinding stones and these stones are self-sharpening. You can use the flour created to make bread, cakes, pancakes, biscuits and more.

The flour that the mill can create can be fine or coarse and the machine produces low heat during the grinding process so this protects the nutrients. You can easily adjust how fine or coarse you want the flour to be by twisting the end of the mill. The attachment comes with a 2 year warranty.

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