Three Rice Cookers to Consider for Better Health

If you thought rice cookers were just to make rice in, you’d be wrong. These amazing gadgets can cook a wide variety of different foods – including the essentials of healthy eating like steamed vegetables, fish, lean meat and beans.

You can make chili, a variety of soups and more all conveniently in this one appliance. You’ll find rice cookers in different styles and sizes. One of the top rated ones is the Aroma Housewares ARC-914SBD model.

This version is an 8 cup capacity. It allows you to cook white or brown rice and the appliance has special settings for either. After the designated cooking time is through, the machine will prevent overcooking by switching the function from cook to warm.

This convenience feature keeps you from having to constantly keep an eye on the food. The machine also utilizes an internal sensor that can adjust the cooking temperature for what the rice needs it to be.

There is a steam tray with the cooker that will allow you to make meat and vegetables at the same time you’re making the rice. You can program the cooker using the 15 hour delay function if needed.

The inner cooking pieces of the machine are removable for clean up. You get a soup ladle and spatula along with the rice measuring cup as accessories when you buy this one.

The Zojirushi five and a half cup micom rice cooker model number NS-TSC10 is a cooker that uses micro computerized Fuzzy Logic technology which ensures you get perfect food every time you use the appliance.

This sensor allows the cooker to automatically adjust the time and temperature so that you don’t have to. Once the rice reaches the end of its cooking cycle, the machine will switch it the warming temperature so that the food doesn’t overcook.

The cooker comes with a steaming basket so that you can cook additional items simultaneously. You can even bake a cake and have a dessert with your meal by using the cooker.

This is a 5 ½ cup cooker, which translates into a cooked portion of 10 cups of rice. You can make a variety of rice in this appliance including sushi rice and various mixed rice. There’s a timer and a beeper to let you know when the cooking is finished.

The control panel is LCD and it has a reheating function as well as a delay setting. The cord is retractable for easy storage. If you’re looking for a basic rice cooker that has plenty of the same capabilities as the more expensive models, the Black & Decker miniature 3-cup cooked, or one and a half uncooked cup of rice cooker model RC503 is a good choice.

This is a personal size cooker intended to make enough rice for one or two people. It has an auto keep warm function to use once the rice is finished cooking. So that cuts down on the chances of ending up with your rice overcooked. The easy to read indicator lights will show if the rice is cooking or if it’s on the warm cycle. The lid, as well as the inner, non-stick bowl, are dishwasher safe.

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