The Best Steamers to Help Retain Food Nutrients

Steaming is a way of cooking food that uses steam from boiling water or other liquids. It’s a better way of cooking because it helps the food to retain the valuable vitamins and minerals they contain.

Keeping nutrients from leaching, combined with how it promotes a healthier eating lifestyle is one of the many reasons why steamers are a popular kitchen appliance. The Oster CKSTSTMD5-W 5-Quart Food Steamer is a double tiered model that comes with two steaming bowls.

This allows users to cook multiple foods at the same time. You can get the entire meal ready in less time than it takes to use a conventional oven. If you want to prepare vegetables and meat such as chicken or fish, then you can do that and end up with flavorful, delicious food every time.

By steaming the food, you won’t have to use oils or other items that add calories, fat and can also be bad for your heart health. With the two steamer bowls, you can keep the foods separate but they’ll get done at the same time.

This model comes with a 60 minute timer you can set as a cooking time and when the food is done, the steamer will give off an alert. The steamer will shut itself off when the cooking cycle is through or when it’s out of water.

It’s dishwasher safe and the bowls nest, so the steamer doesn’t take up much storage space. The BELLA 7.4 Quart Healthy Food Steamer is a two tier design that has two containers for you to cook in.

This is a large, family size steamer so it can be used to cook an entire meal at the same time. It has a steaming tray that’s specifically for use with grains such as rice. There’s a handy steaming chart located right on the appliance so that you can know at a glance exactly how to cook the foods you want to make.

The steamer gives you the ability to keep an eye on the water through the viewing window. This way, you can ensure that the steamer has enough to cook what it needs to prepare.

It has a quick heating start. You can be cooking your meal in under 30 seconds. The product cooks vegetables with rich crispness in a way that protects their nutrients but cooks meat thoroughly.

The appliance has an automatic shut off to keep it from continuing to work in the event it runs out of water. Along with the appliance, you get the two steaming bowls, the grain tray and the lid.

These can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The Hamilton Beach Digital Food Steamer is a 5.5 quart capacity appliance that can have healthy meals ready fast. It’s a two tier model, but you can use just one tier if you’re making just a side dish or something like homemade baby food.

If you want to make a large quantity of food, you can take out the divider and have plenty of room for that. Once the food has finished cooking, the steamer will change the cooking setting to warm and it will hold this setting for an hour.

The appliance has a quick touchpad that makes choosing your meal settings easy. When you’re ready to cook a meal, you simply put water in the appliance, add the food and choose your time. It has a delay start function. When the food is ready, the machine will alert you. While some of the pieces with this model are dishwasher safe, not all of them are.

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