Maximize The Nutrients You Get From Citrus Fruits With A Citrus Juicer

People tend to realize more benefits from drinking citrus juice made with a juicer than eating a piece of citrus fruit or consuming one of the many brands of commercially made citrus juice.

Citrus juice is a much healthier alternative to a soda and provides large amounts of vitamin C, which protects and strengthens your immune system. Other benefits of vitamin C are protection from premature aging and the ridding of harmful stomach bacteria.

Your body will also be able to absorb such healthy nutrients and minerals such as calcium – and vitamin C works beautifully to keep your skin healthy and glowing. The alkalizing ability of citrus juices may also help your pH balance and keep your blood pressure and cholesterol in check.

Many citrus fruits, such as lemon, can help to cleanse and keep your liver healthy – flushing out the uric acid and fighting harmful free radicals which damage your cells. Flavonoids in citrus juice give the added advantage of reducing inflammation in the body.

If you’re concerned about the state of your health and want to eat and drink healthier, purchasing a citrus juicer gets you one step closer to your health goals. You’ll notice the fresh flavor of juice produced with a citrus juicer compared to the commercial drinks, which may be filled with preservatives and sugar.

Choose from electric citrus juicers, squeezers and manual citrus juicers. A squeezer is usually used as a lime and lemon juicer. It uses two spoon-like elements to squeeze the juice from the fruit and culls out the seeds and pulp at the same time.

Manual citrus juicers take more time and a bit more effort, but you can keep the peel (which can be bitter) from going into the juice. If you can afford it, an electric juicer is the way to go.

The fruit is pressed and then grated to produce the juice quickly, but the end result may be a bit less sweet than using an electric juicer. Choose a citrus juicer for the size of the appliance and also the size of the juice container.

Choose a smaller appliance if you don’t have a lot of kitchen space and the container of the appliance should be large enough to accommodate your family or the amount of juice you’ll normally use.

Some citrus juicers come with pulp regulators, which let you control how much pulp you want in your juice – or if you want none at all. This may cut some of the bitterness, but you could also lose nutrients at the same time. Look at articles and ratings online to see which citrus juicer is right for you and your family.

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