Rick Flag (Suicide Squad) Costume

The new marvel film Suicide Squad came out this year and one of the characters (and one of the characters you can dress as for this Halloween) is Rick Flag. If you’ve been looking at the cast and thinking that Rick Flag might make a pretty good costume for you come Halloween, then you’re in luck, as he has to be one of the easiest characters in the Squad to dress up as. Maybe you like the character, or maybe you’re just looking for an easy but current costume, either way this one will work.

When looking at what we have to grab for the Rick Flag costume, it’s good to start with a long sleeved tactical shirt in green that you’ll then roll the sleeves up on. Pair that with some tactical pants, although some charcoal grey suit pants will also work if you’re struggling to find some or can’t gather the money. As for the shielding, you’ll be picking up some arm guards and gloves with wrist guards, the kind you’d be likely to find on people who are taking part in a sport like Roller Derby. Throw a tactical vest on top of that and pull on some cap toe army boots with buckles, and you’ve got yourself a costume! Well, almost. Just like his fellow Suicide Squad members, Rick Flag will be carrying a gun the entire time he’s on screen. For this you can either get a generic black rifle toy or go for something specific, like some kind of model specifically made for people who like artificial versions of real guns.

What you need to look like Rick Flag on Halloween could work for you in your general day-to-day life, but we suppose that’s down to exactly how you regularly dress. Obviously the items you’ve bought to give off the air of protection won’t find much use after the important day, but some of the clothes will likely make an appearance, and you can always shift them for some money if not.

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