Negan (Walking Dead) Costume

When it comes to putting together and outfit with nods to a particular TV character, especially one which is within a very popular and iconic TV series, you really do have to get it just right. If you are a fan of the hugely popular Walking Dead show then you will have plenty of choice when it comes to picking a character to emulate, and all are perfect for a Halloween party. You’re sure to see a few zombies running around on the streets or at a party on that particular night (although hopefully not real ones!) and you can play on that fact and insert a little more fun into the evening, with a pretend zombie and zombie hunter chase!

One of the key characters which has recently emerged from the TV show is Negan. Played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, his style is very ‘just so’ and that means putting together an outfit to emulate him needs a little thinking beforehand. Having said that, it’s not difficult to do, and it’s cheap to do too.

To complete that iconic Negan style you will need a black leather (or mock leather) biker jacket, a red scarf worn around the neck, a pair of slim fitting jeans, preferably grey-toned, black boots, and to really complete the outfit, you will be needing a baseball bat – see, easy!

Negan is a mysterious character, so you might want to get into your acting skills a little beforehand too; try and master that mysterious stare if you can! Negan as a character is the leader of a group called the Saviors, and they move around within other groups, working together in order to receive zombie protection back. Negan is a feisty character, and one which doesn’t hold back.

On top of this, Negan might not be the first choice character you would think of when you consider putting together a Walking Dead Halloween costume, so you will be standing out as someone totally different if you go down this particular route, that’s for sure.

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