Michonne (Walking Dead)

Walking Dead fans (and there are certainly many of those) will be wanting to throw in a little nod to their favourite TV show this Halloween, and the great news is that you can do that very easily, and without spending too much cash. This massively popular comic series has been made into one of the biggest TV shows around, and when it comes to costumes, you can do this easily and very effectively indeed. No need to spend a fortune on a costume you are probably never going to wear again, and this particular choice is probably already lurking in your wardrobe, with just a few extras to add for authenticity.

The guys have many choices to go for, such as Daryl Dixon for example, but the ladies have a fantastic option too – Michonne.

Michonne is a mysterious zombie hunter, played by Danai Gurira, who doesn’t say too much, out of fear of attracting more of the walking dead wherever she may go. She carries go jaw-less zombies on her costume, and these later turn out to be her zombified best friend and ex-boyfriend. She roams around the wastelands looking for zombies to eradicate. In terms of how to achieve her look and costume, it’s really simple.

Ladies, all you need is a brown leather waistcoat, a pair of blue jeans, a vest top, some finger-less gloves, and perhaps a long wig of black dreadlocks to really complete the look. Accessory-wise you just need a plastic sword, and you really have the Michonne look down to a tee.

The fantastic thing about choose Michonne for your Halloween party costume is that it is easy to do, doesn’t cost the earth, and will really grab attention, especially amongst fellow TV show fans – this is a costume that will be a conversation starter, and that is a great thing at a party! Another pro is that you are doing something a little different, rather than the usual ghost or witch outfit which, let’s face it, has been done to death over the last few decades!

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