Hillary Rodham Clinton Costume

With the upcoming election, it’s no surprise that people are interested in dressing up as Hillary Clinton. While it may not seem like the perfect option to some, the Clinton costume allows women to dress and an easily noticeable figure currently in the public eye, while also keeping away from the stereo-typically revealing costumes that are usually everywhere on Halloween. This costume will show where you stand in the upcoming election, allowing for some easily accessible small talk if you’re heading to a party.

Hillary Rodham Clinton has been known for decades now, ever since her husband became the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, then becoming President in 1993. Due to this, there are many different forms of Hillary Clinton that you can imitate on Halloween. For example, one choice you have is the “hippy-era” Clinton, complete with long hair, thin rimmed glasses and a white blouse. Or, you can go with the far more stoic and reserved Clinton, which can be found by searching for her during Bill Clinton’s time as president. At the time, she had shoulder length hair and wore mainly dresses, usually in much lighter/summery colours. Now, as for the more modern look, you could get away with a short blond wig in the form of a power haircut and one of her famous dark blue suits. In fact, why don’t you take a list of pre-prepared sound bites that Clinton is known for, so you can gesture at people throughout the night, letting them know exactly why they should vote for the democrats?

Depending on how you usually dress, there’s a lot about this costume you could use in the future, once the Halloween period is over. Whether you go for the more casual past that will provide you with some high quality vintage clothing or if the modern Clinton takes your fancy, then you can always keep the suit for best, such as job interviews and family occasions. However, if you don’t feel that you can get more casual wear out of your costume, then you can always sell it on, donate it or give it to friends for their own clothing collection.

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