Donald Trump Costume

A man who was once just a noted millionaire/entrepreneur is now all over the world’s news as he fights to the become the new president of the United States of America. Whether your politics align with him and the Republican Party, there are many reasons why either side of the spectrum would want to dress up as Trump. Either you want to lampoon him through a hilariously constructed costume or you want to show him the respect you believe he deserves by throwing together a Trumpian outfit.

It has to be said that Donald Trump really isn’t that hard to throw together as a straight costume. Both young and old Trump has pretty much always been seen wearing a fairly standard suit, usually grey, black or dark blue and a matching tie, along with his trademark wispy comb over. This means that if you don’t feel like you should throw some flair onto it, Trump is an incredibly easy costume for any Halloween goers, consisting entirely of a suit and a blond wig. Now, if you’re less than satisfied with the Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign, then there’s also ways to make this costume into your own little protest. With the same suit and tie, you could go with a knife through the chest or an arrow through the head. Maybe you want to be subtle, adding little flaws or features that move people to laugh at Trump, such as an inordinate amount of fake tan or a clown nose. These a merely jumping off points for your own creations, so let your imagination go with this one. There’s also the option to dress your toddler or child up as Trump for the purposes of a joke. Yet again, this would essentially be a small but standard suit with no extra frills, which will likely cost you very little as long as you went somewhere cheap.

As with many costumes, you can use the materials again once you’ve finished enjoying Halloween, with the Trump possibilities being obvious. In fact, if you’re currently in the market for a suit, you could simply buy yourself one and wear it with a wig. You’ve got yourself a Trump!

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