Daryl Dixon (Walking Dead) Costume

If you don’t want to spend too much on a Halloween costume this year, but you want something fashionable, hip, and something which stands out, then you need to look towards one of the most famous and popular shows on TV at the moment – The Walking Dead.

If you’ve ever seen an episode of this massively popular show, (and if not, why not?) then you will be very familiar with one of the key characters, Daryl Dixon. Dixon is a quiet, southern boy, who has fantastic survival skill and hunts out those zombies which terrorise and attempt to take over the community, and indeed the world overall. You will no doubt see several zombies whilst you’re out and about on Halloween, whether taking the kids trick or treating, or at a party, so you can make it all a bit more fun with some pretend zombie hunting!

The low key outfit means you really only need to buy a few things to go with a general pair of jeans, black shoes, and a shirt. The official vest top is really all you need, which is made of faux leather and has printed wings on the back – this is iconic from the show. On top of this, throw in a few accessories for extra oomph, such as a crossbow or animal pelts, you could even buy a mock Walking Dead knife (plastic of course) to add extra authenticity to your budget, but highly effective, outfit.

If you are out with a group, why not get them to dress up as some of the iconic zombies from the show and have a real zombie party? This is a great way to incorporate a group idea into the evening’s festivities, and again, not a particularly expensive way to do it all either! You will find many Walking Dead official outfits on the internet, but you can make this one yourself quite cheaply, without spending too much cash, which is one of the major perks of going down this route.

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