Captain Boomerang (Suicide Squad) Costume

Suicide Squad, the new Marvel film bringing all our favourite villains onto the big screen together, has filled a huge number of people with costume fever, wanting to dress up for Halloween as one of the many characters. Captain Boomerang is a good choice as he’s arguably subdued when compared to the rest of the squad, so if you don’t have these clothes in your wardrobe already, you’ll be sure you can find them somewhere for fairly cheap, which is always a good argument to make this your costume.

Unlike the rest of his squad, Captain Boomerang doesn’t really put as much effort into how he dresses for combat, choosing things like hiking boots and a trench coat over combat boots or a tactical vest. Mix that in with a docker beanie, a silver chain and a bomber jacket to complete the absolute chilled look that doesn’t usually follow those getting into fights. Boomerang helps even the odds by throwing on a pair of tactical combat pants underneath the various casual wear, just so he knows that he can get some movement going if he needs to. As for this squad members weapon, it’s all in the name really. If you’re particularly inventive or have an interest in metalwork, then you could possibly craft yourself a boomerang, perhaps making something less deadly but just as cool looking. If this fails, you could always just stump for a plastic one or an obviously fake object that is slightly curved. Hell, go with a Frisbee instead and you’ll be the life of the party.

A lot of these clothes are fashionable, meaning that after Halloween is over you’ll be able to keep these in your day-to-day wear without looking weird or feeling like you’re just wearing a costume outside the parameters of any major holiday. Both the hat and the jacket won’t look out of place on anyone no matter what their dress sense and even the boots at a push could work with various outfits.

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