What Are The Best Strength Training Workouts?

If you want to lose weight and shed body fat, one way to do that is by strength training. Workouts that involve strength training can help you to build lean muscles as well as give your metabolism a boost. Strength training can also help you to make your bones stronger.

There are various methods that you can use in strength training. You can do it just using your body without any exercise tools, you can use machines and you can use free weights.


Getting fit, losing weight and building muscle isn’t as complicated as it might seem. There are plenty of guide books, advice sites and videos that can help you on your quest.

One thing that you’ll see mentioned over and over when it comes to strength training are barbells. The reason that you’ll see this is because barbells give your body the kind of strength training workout that produces long lasting results in stronger, better lean muscle mass.

As a training tool, it’s one of the best forms you can find. Because barbells allow you to really push your strength with weights, you can get more muscle challenge than with other methods or that exercise alone can’t give you.

Plus, you get to see your progress. When you first start out using barbells in your strength training workouts, you might not be able to lift a lot of weight. But as you improve, you’ll be able to increase the weight that you can lift.

Being able to visually witness this progress is a great help when it comes to staying motivated. The good news about barbells is that they can work out multiple muscle groups in each session.

You can perform the back squat, which is done when you put the barbell on the squat rack and lift it onto your shoulders. This type of squat can be done at a gym, and if you do it at home, then you need a squat rack.

When you do this, you work out your glutes, your hamstrings and other muscles. The bench press is a workout that’s popular when using a barbell. You lie flat on the bench and lift the bar, lowering it slowly to your body and then back up.

If you don’t have a spotter, you’ll want to have a power cage or power rack. Doing reps of this workout builds your chest, shoulder and triceps muscles. You can also do a deadlift, but this isn’t recommended if you currently have back problems.

For a deadlift, you start out with the bar on the floor, bend your knees and lift the bar. To get the most muscle mass improvement using barbells, mix up your reps. You could do ones involving back squats, bench press, and the barbell row.

Divide the workout into sets. Such as 3 sets that contain a certain number of reps. If you’re new to strength training, remember to start with smaller sets and reps and work your way up.

While it can be tempting to pile the weight onto a barbell, gradually increase the weight by no more than 10 pounds at a time.


Dumbbells come in all shapes and sizes. These weights are designed to give your muscles a better workout and are great at building lean muscle mass. If you’re new to strength training, dumbbells are one of the best tools that you can get and they’re a lot easier to work with than some other weight training tools.

You can gradually increase the amount of weight in the dumbbells as time passes. Working out with these tools gives you better coordination, improves your balance and is seen as being safer for beginners to start strength training with than barbells are.

You get a more varied workout with these tools and they’re easy to use at home, the office or when you’re on the go. You might be surprised to learn just what a solid workout these can give you.

Working out with them can target all of your major muscle groups and it doesn’t take long to do it, either. What proponents of dumbbells like too is that you can work on certain muscles if you want to and you can target whichever part of your body you feel needs more work.

For best results, you’ll want to use a dumbbell workout routine at least three days a week. Each routine should last between 20 and 30 minutes in duration. One of the easiest to get started with is a floor press.

You lie flat and lift the dumbbells so that they’re straight with your shoulders. If you have them slanted down toward your feet or tilted slightly up toward your neck or face, then your form is off.

You should repeat this routine for 10 reps. You can also do the one arm lift. You use only one dumbbell while kneeling with one knee on a weight bench. One hand should help support and keep your balance.

With the other hand, hold the dumbbell straight down. Then lift the dumbbell from that position upward toward your chest. Once you do one side of your body for 10-20 reps each, then you’ll switch and lift the dumbbell with the other arm.

Squats are also good strength training workouts with a dumbbell. You can do two handed or single hand squats for 15 reps each side.


Strength training isn’t always about hitting the gym and using the machines. You don’t have to use free weights like barbells or dumbbells or any other kind of tool. You already have everything that you need to get started with strength training.

You have your body – and it can be as effective as any tool when it comes to building strength and getting the body that you want to have. Using bodyweight for strength training exercises is simple and it doesn’t cost you a dime.

When you engage in exercises designed to work your body, your body’s ability to move, to balance, to be flexible improves. Not only does it help you to improve overall, but bodyweight training is better for your body than other forms of exercise.

You don’t have to fret about hurting your joints or running for an hour on a hard surface. You can safe, but tough workout that will give you lean muscle mass. More so than any other type of strength training, bodyweight training helps to give your entire body strength.

You end up working out all your major muscle groups. The key to building muscle with bodyweight training is to not get complacent, not stop at what you can do, but to push yourself to what you think you can’t do.

Instead of settling for moves and routines that are in your comfort zone, you’re continually leveling up until your body can perform and move in ways you never imagined possible.

Bodyweight training burns through calories fast as well as gets rid of body fat. It speeds up your metabolism too so that you’re burning just as much if not more calories and body fat than you would with other workouts.

You can do bodyweight exercises that work out specific muscle groups and you can target any problem areas. You can follow any bodyweight routine or you can put together exercises to create your own.

Some of the more popular ones include exercises that are common such as squats. These are good for working the abdominal muscles. You can also do single leg squats or squat jumps.

Push-ups are good as part of a bodyweight workout. These work the abs, but also the arms and back, too. Sit-ups that are done with legs flat or knees bent can make a good addition to the workout.

Bridges can be performed and these help tighten the abdominal muscles as well as work out the thighs, the glutes and the hamstrings. You can do regular lunges and side ones.

The crab walk can help strengthen your core and your triceps. Bicycle crunches target your abs while leg lifts target the muscles of the back. You can do leg lifts either one leg at a time or as a double. Jumping jacks are a good addition and these also have cardiovascular benefit.

Resistance Bands

Strength training with resistance bands is something that can be added to any exercise routine or performed as a standalone. Working out with resistance bands has been shown to be just as helpful with building muscle as working out with free weights.

Working out with these bands can work all of your major muscle groups as well as target specific areas. These bands come in a wide variety of brands, and are found in different lengths as well as in different strengths.

The shape of the bands can also vary and some have handles while others don’t. When you’re choosing a band, you’ll look for the strength of resistance that you want to have.

This can range from as little as 10 pounds to a few hundred pounds of resistance. You can also choose one that’s made to work out a problem area such as the abdominal muscles.

As you work out with the bands, they make your muscles work against the tension that the band provides. Different exercises can cause the tension in the band to decrease or increase depending on the move.

These bands are easy to use and can be customized to an individual workout. For example, you can use them when you’re doing biceps exercises or you can use them when you’re using leg exercises.

You can use the bands even if you’re new to using them or new to working out in general. The weight of the bands will vary and you can use more than one of them during a workout if you desire.

If you’re wondering what exercises you can use the bands with, the answer is almost any of them. Plus, you can use the bands in routines where you would normally use a dumbbell or other muscle building tool.

This easy to use tool allows you to shake up your workout so that you never fall into an exercise rut and this lets you give your muscles a challenge. You can use resistance bands when you’re performing lunges – both front and side ones.

Standing on the band and raising the handles up on either side of your head can be an effective way to perform squats that puts resistance on the arm and shoulder muscles. You can fix the resistance band to an immovable object and use it to do crunches.


These weights are extremely popular when it comes to strength training workouts. They come in a variety of weights just like dumbbells do. You can get them in as little as 5 pounds all the way to 100 pounds or more.

They look like balls with a handle on top of them and they’re often made of cast iron. They can be used to tone the body, to lose weight, to build muscle and even as a cardio workout tool.

You use the kettlebell during your exercise routine and it can be used for one handed or two handed exercises. The kettlebell can be used with swinging or press exercises.

You can move the ball from one hand to the other in the middle of a rep for an added challenge. The bell can work out your core muscles or target individual ones.

The reason that a kettlebell can give you a tougher workout than using a dumbbell is because it gives you a higher rate of motion when you swing it than a dumbbell because of the way the bell is made.

You’ll gain muscle faster when you add this tool to your strength training. Not only does it burn calories and fat during a workout, but it can help to make your body more flexible and give you a longer lasting strength.

You can also gain a full body workout in a shorter amount of time which can lead to greater endurance. If you handle the kettlebell correctly, you have less risk of getting hurt than with other exercise tools.

For this reason, it can be beneficial to watch videos, read books, sign up for a class or have a session or two with a personal trainer who knows how to use a kettlebell.

You’ll get more out of the tool if you know which how to use it right. When you first start out using the bell, you’ll start with the lower weight and build your endurance and performance as you slowly increase the weight amount.

There are many different exercises you do with a kettlebell. Among those are deadlifts, kettlebell swings, lunges, squats and more. Still need more motivation to invest in kettlebells? Consider this: strength training with kettlebells can burn 1,000+ calories every hour!

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