What Are The Best Crossfit Gear To Buy?

Crossfit works out your entire body. You do things like weight lifting and cardio in addition to gymnastic like moves. This is a method for strengthening and toning the body and is considered to be high intensity.

There is a lot of variety among the workouts and each is designed to help make your body as fit as possible. During the workouts, you’ll need different types of gear to help you.

Wrist Wraps or Gloves

There’s some talk about whether it’s better to have wrist wraps or gloves when you’re going through your routines. The purpose behind wearing wrist wraps are so that you end up with a better, stronger grip while still having the mobility and flexibility that you want to have.

When you lift weights, use free weights or do any exercise where your wrist is going to bear the brunt of the action, you can end up with an injury. You can either sprain or fracture your wrist if you push yourself beyond what your body has been trained to handle.

What wrist wraps do is they support that wrist bone so that you can more easily lift the higher weight amounts. They can also help to protect your wrists during routines in which your wrists are going to be taking on a lot of action.

They can work to keep your wrists steady and stable. You’ll find this gear in a variety of materials like leather, or cotton or nylon depending on the brand you buy.

The wraps allow you to not only lift weights that are heavier, but also to be able to handle more sets. What can happen as you go through your exercises is that you find it more difficult to be able to support weight or lift weight and the wrist wraps can help give you that extra boost to get through.

Gloves are a necessary part of a Crossfit workout in the same way that wrist wraps are because they can enhance your workout. Because you’re going to go through the high intensity movements, you’ll start to experience times when you just won’t be able to hold onto your grip.

When that happens, it’s easy for you to lose your hold on something and if you end up dropping a weight, you can hurt yourself or damage your flooring if you’re working out at home.

Gloves can improve your grip all around, but especially on resistance bands or free weights. Plus, they can take the stress and pressure off your palms and give support to your fingers as well.

They’re a help when you’re doing a super intense workout or when the temperatures are raised and you’re finding that your hands get slippery. There are two things you should look out for though if you’re thinking of getting gloves.

The first is that using gloves won’t help to improve your workout if you have a weak grip. You’ll have to strengthen your grip naturally. The second is if you do buy gloves, be sure that you don’t buy the ones that are heavily padded because these will impede your grip and get in the way of your workout.

Speed Ropes

Speed ropes are an important took in a Crossfit workout, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that getting any old jump rope and it will do the trick. Jump ropes can vary in such ways that you can end up with less of a workout than you’d like to have.

Making sure that you have the right speed rope is imperative because it’s the tool that will help you to build endurance. It’s also use for helping you maintain balance, becoming more agile and getting your speed up.

Using speed ropes enable you to tone your leg and shoulder muscles as well as helps with your core muscles. The cardio part of Crossfit exercising is done with a speed rope and buying the wrong rope gives you a substandard cardio workout regardless of how intensely you go at it.

Though it can be tempting to think of speed ropes as a one size fits all, they’re really not. Someone who has more height than another person can’t use the same length of rope and end up with the same benefits from the workout.

You have to pay attention to what kind of rope range you’re going to get when the rope is in motion. This can be determined by the length of the rope. The longer the rope is, the more range you’ll get from it.

Taller people have to have more range. You also need to take into consideration how you’ll be using the rope when you’re exercising. You can find some ropes that have customizable lengths.

These are a good choice when you’re just not sure what you want. For most people, though, you need to check to make sure that the speed rope you’re going to buy gives you enough of a safety zone as it swings upward.

Usually this should be at least 12 inches. After you determine the length of the rope, you’ll need to determine what weight you need to get. One thing to keep in mind is that during fast paced exercises, that rope can really move and the lighter it is, the harder it can be to keep it where you want it.

If you haven’t done Crossfit before, you’re better off starting out with a speed rope that has a higher weight and then once you get the hang of it and feel that your agility level is good, you can move up to a medium weight rope.

For people who are well versed in how to efficiently exercise using a speed rope, then you can use the lightest weight rope. You’ll be able to find these ropes in a variety of different materials.

Some are made of plastic and some are made of vinyl. You can find nylon ones, too. What’s most popular among Crossfit enthusiasts are the vinyl or plastic ones.

Check out the handle of the speed rope when you’re thinking of which one to buy. The handles can be made of wood or plastic but should not be made attached to the rope itself. It should be able to move separate from the handle.

Pushup Bars

The different exercises that you’ll do in Crossfit are all designed to get your body to its maximum performance level. Some exercises can be done using a traditional method while others can be enhanced through the use of certain exercise tools.

Pushups is a good exercise to do in order to build muscle. But with Crossfit, there’s a way that you can add pushups to your routine where you get even more benefit from doing them.

That’s by using pushup bars. When you do a regular push up, you would normally just put the palms of your hands on the floor. You run the risk of spraining your wrist, twisting it, overusing it and causing damage.

What a push up bar does is it protects your wrists from strain as well as pain. By using the bars, your wrists aren’t moving around like they do in a traditional push up that’s done without the bars.

Plus, the bars make the workout tougher than if you simply had your hands on the floor because with the bars, you’re forced to carry more of your body’s weight on your arms as you lower it down.

You also have to make more of an effort when it comes to lifting your body up than in the hands only routine. So both your forearms and your biceps get a greater workout.

You also work out your shoulder muscles as well as your chest muscles better when you use pushup bars. They’re pretty simple to use. They consist of a bar with a handle grip and two stabilizing ends.

You place your hands on the bars and you lift yourself up from there. Using the bars during a Crossfit routine will enable you to see greater gains in muscle building than you normally would.

So you get a better upper body workout. The bars are extremely sturdy. Even if you’re overweight, you can still use the bars. And unlike any fancy equipment at a gym or any bulky workout tools, these are portable and can go anywhere that you go.

The grips on the pushup bars are designed for comfort and prevent slippage. Depending on how you use the bars, such as what angle, you’ll be able to work out more than one muscle group.

Dip Bars

If you’re looking for an addition to your Crossfit exercises that can really spur your body on to gaining lean muscle mass and getting that nice toned look, then you’re going to want to invest in a dip bar.

These are handy exercise tools that run the gamut when it comes to which muscles they’re going to target. They hit a large variety of your overall muscles. You’ll end up working out your shoulders as well as your back.

You’ll also get a great workout in for your triceps and your pectorals as well. What’s best about all that is that you’ll be getting each of these muscles targeted at the same time using only the one piece of equipment.

But besides the overall workout the tool will give you for those muscles, you can also use them for exercising muscles in your legs. If you’re thinking that you have to make a trek to the gym to get the benefit you’ll get from using a dip bar, you’re wrong.

You don’t have to even leave your house to get in the kind of tough workout the dip bars can give you. There are a variety of brands and styles that you can order or buy and set up right in your home.

They’re easy to set up and easy to get started using. The design is basically the same regardless of which one you buy and they all target the same muscle groups.

What you want to do is get the dip bars that have the most durability and you’ll want to pay attention to ones that have weight limits that you don’t think would be a good fit for you.

While you can find these dip bars in single station setups, you can also get them so they’re made with a pullup part as well. When you’re ready to use the dip bars, all you do is stand in between the bars and you’ll lift yourself straight up using just your hands.

This puts all the weight of your body on your hands which is why some people suggest using wrist wraps or gloves. Once you lift yourself up off your feet, then you slowly ease your body back down until your elbows are bent.

Doing this exercise in your Crossfit routine is what will build upper body strength. Once you’ve been doing Crossfit for a while and you’ve built up some of your strength, you want to make sure that you do follow the teachings and keep pushing your body so that you build endurance.

One way to do that when you’re using dip bars is by creating heavier weight for your arm muscles to have to lift. You can do that by putting weights on your ankles.

Gym Rings

Gym rings aren’t just for gymnasts anymore but they can give you the same level of power and endurance. If you’re looking to build muscle, too, using gym rings is something you’ll want to do.

Gym rings can be uses as part of a Crossfit exercise routine that can quickly build muscle because you get greater muscle contraction. One of the reasons that they’re so useful for this is because gym rings aren’t stable like stationary tools.

Because they move around, you have to have the strength to be able to keep yourself stable. That takes a lot of upper body strength as well as core muscle strength.

This is exactly what gym rings are known to build. This is one form of bodyweight exercise that can give you the same strength you’d find if you were into lifting weights.

But because the rings are never a fixed object your upper body can’t rely on stability. Because it has to provide it, gym rings calls on your body to go further than it has to than with other exercise tools.

Even the most diehard proponent and top rated bodybuilding buff will experience a taste of how much effort is involved when you work out with gym rings. Gym rings can deliver an intense workout that you can do anywhere.

Because the rings are portable, you can use them at home or on the go as long as you have something sturdy to attach them to. There are many different exercises you can perform using them.

One of these is the ring dip. During the ring dip, you’ll work out the muscles in your shoulders as well as in your chest and arms. Some people make the mistake of thinking that performing ring dips is similar to doing a bar dip but they’re not the same.

You have to use a lot more energy, strength, and coordination to do ring dips. One exercise with the gym rings that really works out your core muscles is the push up using the rings.

You’ll work out many of the same ones that you would workout doing the dip as well. What working out with rings does for your body besides building upper body strength is that they can also give you a great looking six pack or cause you to lose any stubborn stomach flab.

That’s because you get a greater level of tension using gym rings than stationary workout tools. It’s the leverage and the lifting up, the holding and the lowering movements that are instrumental in building your muscles.

But to be effective, you have to reach a point where you have good control as you go through the movements of the exercises that you’re doing.

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