What Are The Best Diets for Weight Loss?

Plenty of diets can help you lose weight, but not all of the diets that you hear about are good for you. That’s why you need to know which ones are the best diets to follow for weight loss but are also beneficial for you in other ways, too.

The Volumetrics Diet

One of the diets that can help you shed fat and contribute to your overall health is the Volumetrics Diet. On this one, you can expect to safely lose at least two pounds a week after the initial week of weight loss.

The way that this diet works is simple and it’s easy to stick to – which is one of the reasons that so many people find success following it. Studies have shown that most people are creatures of habit when it comes to the way they eat.

They’ll eat foods in identical amounts day in and day out. For those people, it’s not really about what foods that they’re eating as much as it the volume of food that they’re able to have.

People who eat that way actually have a greater chance of successfully losing weight and keeping it off because they’ll eat the same amount of food even if that food doesn’t have as many calories.

So those people are less likely to deal with feeling hungry when they’re on a diet like this one. By following the Volumetrics diet, you get to eat just as much food, but you won’t get all the calories that you may have been getting.

The key is found in eating foods that are known as high volume ones. The diet lets you eat more but cut down the calories which leads to steady weight loss. It favors fruits as well as vegetables – especially ones that are high in energy.

You’ll also be eating protein as well as carbohydrates, but you’ll be making better choices – ones that give your body the fuel it needs without all of the calories. What people love about this diet is that you can eat whatever you want among the food choices each day.

It’s not as strict as some other plans and lets you be more in charge of your meals. People who follow it will learn how to tell how much energy a food has. This is known as energy density and is what makes you feel full as well as makes the diet a success.

The foods that the diet recommends are divided by their density content. You’ll have foods that are extremely low density and this will be things like your fruits and vegetables – especially any ones that are high in water content.

Low density foods are ones like your starchy vegetables or meats or whole grains. When you move up to medium density foods, those are ones such as pizza, sweet treats, and dairy items such as cheese.

High density foods are the foods that standard diets tell you to avoid. With Volumetrics, you can eat any of the various densities of foods. The lower the food density, the more of that one you can have and still end up with a calorie deficit.

The diet teaches users to change out as many high density foods as possible with low density ones like for example, switching from regular pasta to whole grain. This wide ranging freedom of choice has worked to help many lose weight.

The Low Carb Diet

There are plenty of low carb diets that you can follow. Many of them will have meal plans already set up so that you can use. You simply make the meals that are suggested on their eating plan.

All of the work such as figuring out the carb, fiber and nutritional content is done for you. Eating low carb just means that you’re going to be eating in such a way that you’re cutting down on the level of carbs.

When you cut down on your carb intake, it’s a given that you will lose weight. Another plus on a low carb diet is that instead of eating less food, you can actually eat more and you can get enough food so that you don’t run around all the time feeling hungry.

Plus, when you’re on a low carb diet, you don’t have to worry about making sure you keep a record of all of the calories that you’re eating. It’s much more simple than that. All you have to do is watch your carb content.

How many carbs you eat in a low carb diet will depend on the diet that you’re following or have set up for yourself. Some low carb diets are stricter than others. If you consume 20 or less carbs, that’s considered strict.

A diet where you have between 20 and 50 carbs is said to be a moderately restrictive low carb diet. One where you can have up to 100 carbs is a lenient low carb diet and your weight loss won’t happen as fast as a more moderate or low carb diet.

When you eat low carb, you need to not eat as much (if any) of certain foods like junk food. Cookies, cakes and all of those sugary treats are high in carbs. You can fill an entire days’ worth of carb count just by having one snack cake.

Low carb diets have followers limit the amount of bread they eat as well as how much pasta they get. The better low carb choices that are suggested are ones such as lean meats, vegetables and healthy fats.

You’ll want to avoid starchy vegetables like potatoes and rice. These have a high carb count. Following the diet really is easy. You just stick to foods that have the lowest possible net carb count, which is the total carbs minus the fiber count.

Some people always ask how many carbs is too few. While you will lose weight at a much faster rate on the lower end of the carb scale, keep in mind that your body does need some carbohydrates in order to function well. So watch how you feel and make changes as necessary.

Meal Replacement Diets

Following a meal replacement diet is a fast way to lose weight. They’re easy to follow and are convenient. There’s nothing to plan and no calories to count. They can also be taken on the go whenever you need them.

When you follow a meal replacement diet, you can still get the nutrition that you need. One of the ways that people follow a meal replacement diet is by substituting shakes instead of having a traditional meal for one of their meals.

There’s more than one way that you can have these. You can get some that are already mixed and in cans or bottles. You put them in the refrigerator to let them cold, then just take one out and have it whenever you’re ready. The cost of this method can be a little more expensive.

That’s why others opt to have the powdered drinks. They still don’t get the same high calories they’d get from a regular meal but they get all of the vitamins and minerals they do need. This reduction in calories from meal replacement diets has been shown to cause weight loss.

Everyone has a meal that there’s their weak link when it comes to eating. That’s the meal that you’re most likely to overeat. So what some people do is they choose to replace that meal with a meal replacement such as a shake.

Meal replacement diets work in today’s busy world and this solution has helped many people lose weight and keep it off. Plus, meal replacement foods such as shakes can actually help prevent you from blowing your healthy eating habits.

When most people reach the point where they get ravenously hungry, they often reach for something fast and usually junky. When you have a meal replacement ready, it’s easy to grab it instead – which is why people who choose this kind of diet find it easier to stick with.

While meal replacement is a good idea, you need to keep in mind that not all meal replacement options are good choices. In fact, some of them are bad for you when your goal is to lose weight.

You want the meal replacement shake or bar to be one that will give you the nutrition you need without any unhealthy extras. If you don’t carefully read the labels, you might end up consuming meal replacements that are worse for you junk food.

Watch out for ones that are loaded with calories or sugar. Pay attention to the ingredients on the label and chose ones that have the least amount of sugar and have a good amount protein amount. A good choice is one that offers you at least 10 grams of protein and contains fiber. Look for ones that are less than 250 calories per meal replacement.

Vegetarian, Flexitarian or Vegan Diets

When you follow a vegetarian diet, it means that you eat a lot of plant based foods. You’ll consume healthy choices like vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and more.

Plus, it means that you’ll eat dairy products such as milk and eggs. However, if you follow a vegan diet, it means that you won’t be eating anything that comes from animals – and that includes all dairy products.

Vegetarian diets are more popular than vegan ones because most people choose to include dairy foods in their eating plan. Studies have shown that people who follow vegetarian diets do lose weight and tend to keep the weight off.

Following this kind of diet also leads to less body fat than other types of diets. Whether you choose one or the other, you’ll still be eating a healthy diet that can lead to weight loss.

Some people choose a flexitarian diet. This is a word that simple means a flexible vegetarian. That means that you would stick to not eating meat except when you felt like you really wanted to have some – usually fish.

People who follow this type of diet tend to lose weight faster than those who eat a diet that does include a lot of meat. The emphasis of a flexitarian diet is on eating plants.

You can have food items that are considered substitutes for meats like beans or peas, nuts or tofu so that you get the protein that your body needs. Fruits and vegetables loaded with fiber are urged at meal time as well as whole grains. On a flexitarian diet, you wouldn’t abstain from eating dairy products.

Your calorie intake for the day would be between 1,200 and 1,500 calories. Some people find this to be enough while others find the calorie content isn’t enough to meet their energy needs.

What you have to do with a flexitarian diet is customize it so that you do get the calories that you need. You would have to base it on your age, gender and how active you are. You would also figure in your current weight.

Raw Food Diets

A raw food diet works because these foods have the vitamins and minerals that your needs – not only to be healthy – but they also help your body to lose weight. When you take food in its natural form, you get more of the nutrients from that food.

By cooking a food, even in a healthier way, you cause the food to change and it alters the structural makeup of that food. Cooked food always loses at least some (if not all) of the benefits that you could gain from eating it.

The antioxidants in foods dissipate when they’re cooked and this leads many people to believe they’re getting the health benefits from that nutritionally sound food when they actually aren’t.

Studies have shown that people who follow a raw food diet will lose more weight and at a faster pace that people who follow a more traditional diet. What you’ll eat on this diet will consist of a lot of fruits and vegetables.

But before you think that you’ll be peeling food all day long and then munching your way through them, think again. There are plenty of ways to enjoy raw foods that are delicious and pleasing to everyone.

You can cut up many raw foods leaving the peelings on and enjoy them that way. But you can also put the food in a juicer. Some people choose to mix raw foods in a blender and make different concoctions out of them while still maintaining the vitamin and mineral integrity of the food.

You can also use a dehydrator which some people enjoy. When you use a dehydrator, you can create healthy foods that can be used as snacks like sweet potatoes turned into chips.

The majority of the foods that you’ll consume in this diet will be vegetables and organic foods. You’ll eat things like nuts and fruits, too. The main gist of this diet is that you must avoid heating any of the food higher than 115 degrees or otherwise it’s no longer considered raw. You can’t consume any foods that are processed. You also have to eliminate any beverage that isn’t natural.

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