What Are The Best Commercial Diets To Follow?

Following a diet can lead to weight loss and a new, healthier lifestyle. There are plenty of diets to choose from that can fit your budget as well as your preferences.

But the key to successful weight loss is finding the one that works best for you. These five commercial diets are not only popular but have a great track record for their effectiveness.

Weight Watchers

If you choose the Weight Watchers diet, you will safely lose up to two pounds a week after the first initial week of weight loss. What has helped make this diet sustain its popularity over the years since it was first introduced is that it teaches the people that follow it about making good choices with their eating habits.

The belief is that by choosing foods that are better for you, you not only lose weight, but you feel fuller longer – so you’re less likely to go off the healthy eating program.

The way that Weight Watchers works is not dependent on calories like some diets are. You won’t have to keep track of those. What you will have to keep track of is what’s called SmartPoints.

Each food is assigned a point value and you can choose whatever foods that you want to eat. However, you can only eat up to your point amount if you want to end up with a calorie deficit.

So if you wanted to have that donut, you certainly could. But you would use up a lot more of your daily SmartPoints than you would if you have an apple. These point value of the food is already figured out for you by Weight Watchers so that you don’t have to do that work.

The way that the value is figured is by the amount of nutrition that food item has. The more nutritionally sound a food is, the fewer points it usually has. Junk food and things that are high in fat are going to be high point value foods.

Things like lean meat choices will be low point value foods. Every day, you’ll start out with your bank of points. How many points you get will be determined by whether or not you’re a man or a woman, by your current weight and height and by how old you are.

You simply subtract from that bank as you go throughout the day. What everyone loves about this diet is that you don’t have to give up any food and you can customize it for your preferences.

You do have to make sure that you pay attention to the points, because if you consistently eat more than your allotted points, you won’t lose weight. With this diet, you don’t have to join for any specific time.

You can stick with a membership for as long or as little as you like. This diet offers a lot of support for those who are trying to lose weight and studies have shown that having support while dieting is helpful to success.

You can become a member through the in person group meetings or by joining online. You’ll get access to thousands of recipes where the points value has already been figured. You also have the option to access personal coaching if you want to pay a little extra for that.

Jenny Craig Diet

By following the Jenny Craig diet, you can also lose 2 pounds a week after the initial first week of weight loss. The diet is pretty straightforward. The main emphasis is on lowering the amount of calories that you eat in a day.

The diet also urges followers to limit their portion sizes and to pay attention to the amount of fat they eat in foods. Since most people often eat too many calories, misjudge portion sizes and struggle to control the amount of fat that they eat, this diet does the hard work for them by giving dieters prepackaged meal choices.

You will choose the foods you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner from the choices that Jenny Craig offers to you. It teaches followers how to make good eating choices while you’re on the plan and to limit or eliminate actions that sabotage weight loss efforts.

It also encourages users to get involved in exercise. The diet gives followers access to a personal coach when they sign up for the program. This support helps to keep dieters motivated as they learn a new, healthier way of preparing meals.

Not having to decipher what to eat on your own is a huge plus with this program. When all the work is done for you, it’s easier to stick with it. However, the cost of the meals can have a substantial cost and you will have to restrict your eating while you’re on the program to the foods that are recommended and offered as part of the package.

When you sign up for the program, you diet plan is customized and you receive support and guidance as part of the plan. The plan that you’ll follow will be calorie based around what you currently weigh and how much you exercise.

There are two options when you take part in this diet plan. You can either choose their regular option or you can opt for their lower carb option. The second choice is offered to people who have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

During your time on the diet, you will have access to helpful online tools as well as recipes. How long you’ll be on the diet will depend on how much weight you’d like to lose and what your exercise habits are like.

Once you get started on the program, you’ll eat the meals provided for you but the plan does encourage you to also eat fruit and vegetables. After you reach your goal weight, the program will help you adjust to eating meals that you make rather than the prepackaged ones. You’ll get one on one guidance on how to make nutritionally sound choices.
The Biggest Loser Diet

This diet has jump started weight loss for many people and led to a healthier, more active lifestyle. With this program, you get different choices as to the plan that you want to follow.

One reason for its popularity is because you’ll see a difference in a quick amount of time. The diet pushes a six week nutritionally sound eating program coupled with an active lifestyle to see an immediate change on the scale.

The outline of the diet is easy to follow. You make sure that the meals that you eat are based on lean meats, fruits and vegetables and whole grains. You’ll have to watch your portion sizes and keep a good track of what you eat.

By following that, you will lose weight. You can have whatever foods you want to eat as long as you pay attention to how much of it you’re eating. To get started, you’ll choose the Biggest Loser eating plan from a book based on whichever plan of the diet that you want to follow.

Though there are many different options, all of them teach the same theory. Eat healthy foods in portion controlled amounts and get regular exercise. Whatever plan you choose will give you advice to follow on how to choose the foods that you eat.

Exercises are also part of whichever plan that you choose. There is an emphasis on nutrition and you’ll be taught about foods that have helpful calories and ones that don’t.

The Biggest Loser bases its food choices on their own pyramid. The meals that you eat will adhere to that pyramid, but it is focused on healthy eating. This diet teaches followers that they can have splurges but that these splurges should be carefully counted into the plan and limited in calories.

If you already have health problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes due to being overweight, the plan will help you to learn how to handle or even reverse those health problems.

If you want some extra help losing weight, then you can take part in their bootcamp program, which guides users through exercises that can help jump-start weight loss even more.

The MAYO Clinic Diet

This diet helps people lose weight quickly in the beginning and then leads to a steady weight loss until their goal is met. Once you start on the diet, you’ll easily lose 5 pounds the first week – though some people do lose more.

The diet is based on using a pyramid that teaches followers a healthier way of eating. By following the diet, you’ll learn behavior modification that will lead to long term weight loss.

Because behavior plays a big part in successful weight loss, the diet targets the habits that people have that can sabotage weight loss. Surprisingly, one of the habits that this diet teaches people to do in the first stage of the diet is to let go of calorie counting.

Eating foods that are naturally low in calorie and nutritionally dense is encouraged and eating as much fresh fruits and vegetables as you’d like to have is part of the plan.

When you start the second phase of this diet, you’ll be taught the amount of calories that you should have based on your weight. The diet doesn’t label any food as bad, but instead encourages followers to pick the foods that are healthier to eat.

As part of their behavior modification, it teaches people to stop eating or snacking when they’re in front of the TV. The reason for this is because people who eat while watching television have a tendency to eat more calories and less healthier food than they normally would.

This falls under the heading of mindless eating. This plan teaches users to pay attention to the foods they’re eating by keeping a food journal and to name their goals.

It also teaches followers that exercise is key to weight loss and encourages regular, daily exercise. Within the second phase of this diet, you learn the amount of servings of foods that you should be having every day versus paying attention solely to the calorie intake.

While this program does have a standard plan that anyone can follow, it also offers special tips for those who are in danger of developing diabetes or those who’ve already been diagnosed with Type 2.

The eating plan and advice that you’ll get in this plan has a strong focus on making sure you eat to keep your glucose levels within a healthy range. Because it’s focused on eating nutritionally sound food and exercise, it’s considered a healthy diet and studies have shown that users do lose weight. Thanks to the behavior modification of the diet, most followers of this diet do keep the weight off.

The HMR Diet

The HMR Diet has helped countless people lose weight and reach their goals. The theory behind the diet is a good one. You can take off weight by limiting your calories through meal replacement.

But it also teaches people that they need to include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. This advice is given because most people don’t get enough of either. The plan teaches people how to let go of unhealthy eating behaviors and how to establish new changes that lead to weight loss and fitness.

Exercise is strongly encouraged. It teaches users how to lose weight by altering their lifestyle and studies have shown that people who use meal replacements usually lose more weight with long term success than those who followed other diets.

You can follow this at home because it’s pretty simple to do. You just replace the foods that you would normally eat at mealtime with one of the healthy options that’s geared toward weight loss.

You’ll have things like nutritious shakes, bars, full meals or cereals. The diet also encourages users to have plenty of fruits and vegetables which can help you stay full longer and won’t wreck your diet.

The diet is divided into phases – with the first part being more restrictive than the next phase. In the second phase, there’s an emphasis on making sure change your lifestyle so that it supports losing weight through healthy eating.

You can sign up to get the meal replacements brought right to your home – and that’s a quick and easy way to get started. Once you sign up, a kit will be sent to you that will teach you how to make your diet work.

This first kit gives you the foods that you need to get through three weeks and this will help kick start your diet so that you see results fast. After you get the first weight loss kit, you can take part in the regular diet delivery boxes that are sent out to you automatically.

The diet also gives you access to personal guidance. If you want to eat out in restaurants, you won’t have many options unless you choose a fruit or vegetable plate.

Exercise is part of this plan and you’ll be introduced to that within the first phase. Studies have shown that people who follow a diet where the meals and snacks are prepared for them tend to lose more weight than those who have to prepare their own foods.

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