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Which Food Processors Are Rated the Best?

One of the reasons that some people don’t eat healthier is because the preparation time for certain foods can be daunting. But with the right tools, you can prepare foods for healthy recipes in less time than it takes to use a can opener.

Of all of the kitchen appliances that you can buy, a food processor is one of the most important ones. The Hamilton Beach 70740 8-Cup Food Processor is one that ranks high in durability, performance and customer satisfaction.

It’s made of stainless steel and has some plastic pieces like the bowl. It cuts chopping and slicing time considerably and can handle even tough fruits, vegetables and other food items.

You can grate carrots or cheese, mix dough or whip up a salad in no time. The machine has pulse control along with 2 speeds. You get the discs that slice as well as the blade that quickly chops.

With a 450 watt motor, this is the model that will get the job done for you. You don’t have to worry about cutting things up into small pieces to get into the feed chute because this chute is made to eliminate as much pre-cutting as possible.

The S-blade is used for pureeing food. You can put a lot of different items together to quickly get ingredients ready for a casserole, salad or other recipe. It’s easy to clean with many of the parts like the bowl, lid and the blades all being dishwasher safe.

You can turn the lid upside down to make it easier to store in a cabinet when you want it off the counter. Cuisinart is a name that’s well known for quality and their Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor is an appliance that’s durable, easy to use and can help you eat healthier.

If you’re looking for fast, efficient and quality, then this is the one you need to get. It’s a large capacity appliance so it’s wide as well as tall. It can hold 14 cups total in the bowl.

You can quickly whip up a meal, grind meat, make pizza or pie dough, create sauces and more with this food processor. The extra large feed tube cuts down on the pre-cutting that you have to do so meal preparation is a lot of faster.

It has a 720 watt motor and combine with the stainless steel blades, it makes this machine a top rated kitchen appliance. The blades are tough enough to slice, shred or chop practically anything. It has touch button operation and offers 7 different food prep features.

The Ninja Master Prep is a food processor that’s budget friendly yet contains helpful features for healthy food preparation. It’s powerful enough thanks to the 400 watt motor to easily blend frozen items – including chopping ice.

You get two jars with this one rather than one so you can easily prepare one food item, set in the refrigerator and then move on to the next step in the recipe. Each jar has a lid.

It has a splash guard to help prevent spills and the easy pour spout keeps the food items from going everywhere. It’s a 2 cup processor that can puree, chop, dice or blend as easily as the more expensive ones.

Vegetable Spiralizers That Can Make Fun and Healthy Meals

If you’re like most people, you probably love pasta. But pasta can be loaded with carbs and if you’re on a low carb diet, you can easily go over the amount you’ve allotted for your daily eating plan.

The same holds true for snacks. If you don’t have healthy snacks, it becomes too easy to eat ones that aren’t. With the right tool, there is a healthy alternative to eating high carb pasta and snacks that aren’t good for you.

By using a spiralizer, you can create great tasting pastas that are big on taste but low on carbs and the same for snacks. The Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable Slicer can create delicious noodles made from vegetables.

This model can easily slice, shred or chip whatever vegetables or fruits you put in it. The spikes easily hold the food firmly in place as you use the hand crank to create long, unbroken spirals of noodles.

You can end up with long, curled, ribbon pieces of fruit or vegetables that are perfect for cooking or for snacking. This appliance is the heavy duty model which means it can handle slicing even tough vegetables like sweet potatoes.

It relies on 420 high carbon stainless steel blades to slice through the food items that you want to cut. Since the appliance doesn’t rely on electricity to operate, you can easily take it along with you when traveling or camping out.

It can be wiped clean or washed in the dishwasher. The Paderno World Cuisine A4982799 Tri-Blade Vegetable Spiral Slicer can produce spiral cuts on a variety of vegetables like cabbage, potatoes, carrots, zucchini, apples, onions and more.

The stainless steel blades can produce long, ribbon slices in a matter of seconds. You can enjoy delicious and healthy curly fries or zucchini spaghetti. This model comes with a total of three blades.

You get the shredder which can produce spaghetti thin curls, the chipper which gives you a thicker product and the straight blade which cuts foods into ribbons. The appliance has a suction cup feature which allows you to securely place the device on your countertop to prevent it from moving while in use.

It’s easy to operate. Once you secure the slicer, all you have to do is put the food item on the prongs and start cranking the handle. The unit can be taken apart and the washed in the dishwasher.

When not in use, the blades can be stored within the unit. If you’re looking to make zucchini spaghetti like a pro, then you need the Original SpiraLife Vegetable Spiralizer.

This appliance is an easy to hold version of a spiralizer. It’s so compact that you can easily hold it in your hand while using it. No other spiralizer is as compact as this one.

It has a no-waste design that makes sure you get as much of the fruit or vegetable as possible. You’ll get a spaghetti blade along with a wide ribbon blade.

These blades can easily cut food items into ribbons including the tough to cut vegetables such as yams, potatoes, squash, or carrots. The spiralizer is easy to use and works smoothly without jam ups.

It can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Besides the unit itself, you’ll also get a bag with it and plenty of recipes and instructions. You can get delicious recipes delivered right to your inbox.

Use These Food Scales to Measure Correct Portions

Using a glance to try to measure the size of the foods you eat causes you to eat more than you think. The reason for this is because hunger can make portions look smaller than they actually are.

This is why you need a kitchen scale. It’s the only truly accurate way to measure the foods you eat so that you’re getting the correct portions. A scale like the Etekcity Digital Multifunction Food Kitchen Scale has internal sensors that give you the correct weight every time you use it.

The stainless steel platform can hold up to 11 pounds of weight and wipes clean after you use it. The scale can perform a multitude of functions for food as well as for simple weighing of mailing envelopes or low weight packages.

It’s a slim design which makes it easy to store it in a cabinet or in a drawer. It can be used to measure entire meals, liquids or more. It has a tare function which enables users to reset the weight.

There’s also a quick conversion button. You can measure in pounds or metrics. The backlit display easy to read and when the battery gets low, the indicator will light up. It has an auto shut off after you’re done weighing something.

The Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale is a simple kitchen tool but comes packed with features you’ll use over and over again. This digital scale can hold a maximum of 11 pounds.

It has a large size weighing surface so you’ll be able to easily fit larger dishes on it. The surface is easy to wipe clean. The scale features two large buttons on either side of the digital display.

One will show the weight according to the units and the other is the tare button. When the scale weighs your food items, it doesn’t take into account the weight of the bowl. This means you get a more accurate weight than many other scales do.

The scale does need to use 2 AAA batteries to operate, but these come with the scale and when you need to replace the batteries, you won’t need any tools to change them out.

The Etekcity 11lb 5kg Digital Multifunction Food Kitchen Scale is a design that many users find handy. It has a bowl to weigh the food and this stainless steel bowl can detach from the scale.

You can use this bowl as a multi-function one. It can be used to prepare the food, to wash it, thaw and more. This appliance can weigh up to 11 pounds and contains a high precision strain gauge sensors. This means that every time you use it, your measurements will be accurate.

The scale has an easy to read LCD display that includes a low battery indicator as well as a weight overload indicator. It has the tare feature and can measure using both standard and metric measurements.

Use These Electric Griddles for Optimal Healthy Cooking

An electric griddle is a quick and fairly inexpensive way to make a variety of different foods for every meal. Some of the benefits to having an electric griddle is that a griddle cooks fast, and cleans up just as fast.

The majority of them have nonstick cooking surfaces, which means you won’t have to use grease or butter or any kind of artificial cooking spray which means your foods are made in a healthy manner.

The Black & Decker Family Sized Griddle model number GD2011B is electric and it can give you a healthier way of cooking. This one is specifically for large families or for entertaining when you have a lot of people over.

It has an expansive cooking surface of 12 x 22 inches which means it can prepare up to 8 servings of whatever you’re cooking all at the same time. The temperature control ensures that you end up with even heating across the surface of the griddle.

The griddle can hold the set temperature for the length of the cooking time. There is a drip tray included which helps keep fat and grease away from the meats you make. This tray is easy to remove as well as clean.

Another good electric griddle choice is the Presto Electric Griddle model number 07061 is a 22-inch griddle that has removable handles. This one has a nonstick surface as well.

It also has a wide cooking surface that can easily prepare food for a large family. Cooking on this model eliminates stick and cooks foods quickly so your eggs over easy will be perfect time after time.

You can even grill fish or meat using this model. This unit is 1500 watts and has a cast aluminum base which keeps the appliance from warping. There is a master heat control that keeps the temperature you set it on.

The drip tray slides out and is easy to clean. The griddle is too, as long as you take off the heat control first. You can pop this griddle right into the water to wash it. The handles to come off once you open the clips. This makes the unit easier to wash as well as to store in a cabinet.

If you’re looking for an electric griddle that also has a warming tray, the
Oster DuraCeramic Griddle model number CKSTGRFM18W-ECO is a good option for you.

It has the DuraCeramic non-stick coating. This means that it’s designed to outlast the electric griddles that have ordinary non-stick surfaces. The PTFE & PFOA free ceramic coating surface of this one is created to stand up to the test of time and it is scratch resistant.

It’s a griddle with a large 10 x 18 inch surface which is big enough to allow cooking large meals and with the warming tray, you can keep food ready for a crowd of guests. The appliance has a temperature control that can hold the right temperature and is removable when you want to take it off.

The grease channel and drip tray help to ensure that the fat content of your food is considerably less than conventional cooking methods.

Use One of These Citrus Juicers for Healthier Consumption of Fruits

Citrus fruits can boost immunity as well as provide antioxidants. But not many people consume the amount of citrus that they need. It’s hard to go through the day constantly eating fruit.

The answer to that so you get the benefits from the fruit that your body needs is to use a citrus juicer. The Black & Decker 30-Watt model number CJ625 is a citrus juicer that holds 34 ounces and it has an automatic reamer that reverses.

It’s a 30 watt electric model that can make sure you get all the nutritional value of whatever citric fruit that you use. It operates using two cones that can turn either way so you get the most extraction possible.

You would choose which cone to use depending on the size of the fruit that you wanted to juice. Because this model has a pulp control that you can adjust, it lets you get more or less pulp depending on your preferences.

The container of the juicer is see through so that you observe how much juice you’re getting from the various fruits. Because the drip free pour spout container has the ounces listed on the size of it, this can let you know when you’ve reached the amount you wish to use.

The unit has a built in area to keep the cord neatly out of the way and it comes with a plastic storage cover. Epica Powerful Stainless Steel Whisper-quiet Citrus Juicer is one that can make juicing fast and easy.

It takes less time to get a yield from this model than other, more expensive juicers. It’s perfect to use when you want juice at home or when you want it for on the go.

The machine is known for how quietly it operates. You won’t hear grinding or whining noises as it operates. Getting started with the juicer is simple. You can get it to start just by pressing it and when you let go, the juicer will stop.

As you’re juicing the fruit, the yield goes straight from the juicer to the container you collect the juice in. The motor of the juicer can easily handle dozens of pieces of fruit, large or small.

Caring for the juicer is simple. You just rinse it out once you’re done using it. One great feature about this model is that it’s clog resistant. So you spend your time juicing and not clearing away clogs.

The model comes with two different size reamers to fit the fruits you’ll use. The reamers help to keep the pulp away from the juice. The Eurolux Easy to Use Stainless-steel Motorized Citrus Juicer is one that has 160 watts of power.

Yet even with that amount of power generating some serious rpms, it’s still a quiet machine. It uses a universal cone which enables it to handle various sizes of fruit from small to large.

It’s a simple juicer that’s loaded with handy features. You can just right into whatever container or glass that you’re using. The spout on the unit has a slight tip to it so that it works to prevent spilling.

You don’t have to fiddle with a lot of buttons to get it work either. You just push down on whatever piece of fruit you have in there by using the handle and it starts juicing.

Once you release the pressure, the machine will stop the juicing process. As it juices, the yield goes into the clear container that’s located within the machine. The cone and filter are both removable.

Try One of These Grain Mills to Boost Your Health

There are numerous reasons to have a grain mill in your kitchen. Milled grain is better for you. It’s healthier and the breads and other foods you make have a better, more wholesome taste.

Grain mills are not only more convenient and save you money, but using one can also open up a greater choice in grains than you would normally have. The KoMo Classic Grain Mill is one that can be used with any kind of dry grain like rice or oats, barley, rye, quinoa and more.

It can even handle garbanzo beans. When you grind your own grains, you can use the flour you create to make breads, pancakes, cookies and anything you can buy that’s flour based.

The machine is pretty fast at grinding, too. In less than 5 minutes, you can create a pound of flour. The machine is made from beechwood and comes with a 12 year warranty.

You can use the grain mill to create flour that’s fine in texture or course. It has a 360 watt motor. The operation of the mill is quiet. You can place up to 2 pounds of whatever grains you buy into the machine and grind until you get the amount of flour you have to have.

The operation of the machine is pretty simple. You push the switch located on the side of the mill and it goes to work. Because the mill can be used with different grains, it’s a perfect choice for someone who has allergies to certain ingredients in the flour used in store bought bread.

They can use the machine to create their own flour. The NutriMill Classic 760200 High Speed Grain Mill has an impressive 1200 watt motor which enables it to produce as much as 5 cups of milled grain for every minute of operation.

The machine can make finely textured flours and despite the power of the motor, this grain mill is quieter than most other models. This quick milling machine is built to withstand long term use and employs a motor cooling feature that helps keep the machine going longer as well as works to keep your grains at temperatures that are better for the nutrients.

You can adjust the texture of flour the machine produces and it has an adjustable motor speed. You can choose a wide range of fine, medium or coarse production.

The milling heads work at 30,000 rpms and the machine can hold 24 cups of flour. It does have a hopper extension as well as an air filter and separator cup with this model.

The NutriMill comes with a lifetime limited warranty. The Mockmill KitchenAid White Metal and Ceramic Grain Mill Attachment is not a stand alone grain mill. You have to have to the KitchenAid mixer to be able to use this, but it is made to work on any of the KitchenAid mixers as long as they’re the stand ones.

This grain mill is white metal and attaches to the top of the mixer. It’s pretty easy to get the piece to attach. It works using ceramic grinding stones and these stones are self-sharpening. You can use the flour created to make bread, cakes, pancakes, biscuits and more.

The flour that the mill can create can be fine or coarse and the machine produces low heat during the grinding process so this protects the nutrients. You can easily adjust how fine or coarse you want the flour to be by twisting the end of the mill. The attachment comes with a 2 year warranty.

Top 3 Woks for Making Healthy Stir Fry

Eating healthy is a good goal to have. It can improve your health, boost your immune system, help you lose extra weight and add years to your life. But you can unknowingly sabotage your goal if you cook your food in ways that aren’t healthy.

Preparing your meals the right way means you need correct kitchen appliances such as a wok. Using a wok is a great way to cook your food. It encourages you to create dishes that focus more on vegetables.

Cooking this way is also a way to prepare meals that are lower in fat than other cooking methods. Plus, the way that a wok cooks works to protect heat sensitive foods from nutrient loss.

The Presto 5900 1500-Watt Stainless-Steel Electric Wok is rated one of the top woks that you can buy. Using it is simple. It’s electric, so it heats quickly and the stainless steel body is easy to clean when you’re through cooking.

This model is pretty large at 17 by 14 by 10 inches. It uses a 1500 watt heating element to cook your meals quickly and efficiently. The wok can be heated to a temperature of 400 degrees.

It has wide, easy to grip side handles and comes with a tempered glass lid. Once you remove the heating probe, this appliance can either be hand washed or placed in the dishwasher.

The Breville Hot Wok model number BEW600XL is a Quantanium non-stick. This coating contains titanium particles which is a metal that’s rust-resistant. This gives the coating it’s long lasting, reinforced surface.

It has a stainless steel base that’s wide and sturdy to help prevent tip-overs. Since it can hold six quarts, that’s large enough to cook big meals for a family or for entertaining. You can take the temperature probe out so that you can immerse the appliance in water.

This model comes with a glass lid so that you can see the food as it’s cooking. It uses a 1500 watt heating element that can heat the wok as high as 425 degrees. It comes with 15 settings.

The Aroma Housewares Five-Quart electric wok model number AEW-306 is a nonstick wok. It comes with a lid in a dome shape that’s made of glass. Once you set the temperature, the wok will heat quickly and it will hold on to that temperature for the duration of the cooking.

Though the wok does get hot, the base and the handles will remain cool. When you want to cook, you can set the temperature using a range of between 1 and 10 which is low through high which will enable you to deep fry, stir fry and more.

Unlike some wok appliances, this one does come with a steam rack that you can use to cook vegetables or meat in a healthier way. It also comes with a tempura rack as well as chopsticks

Top 3 Microwave Ovens

You’ve been told to eat your fruits and vegetables if you want to have a healthy eating plan. You’ve also been told that you need lean meats, but what you may not have been told is that how you prepare that food will determine how much of the nutritional value you keep in it.

For example, microwave cooking keeps the nutrients in foods that contain Vitamin C that other cooking methods don’t. So you think you’re eating healthy when you cook foods that are good for you but you actually aren’t.

The whole purpose of eating certain foods is for their nutrients. A little known fact about microwaves is that because of their faster cooking time, they give you the most nutrients from food over any other cooking method.

A microwave like the Danby Designer DMW077BLSDD Countertop Microwave can do that. It cooks healthy and it looks good, too. It’s made of stainless steel with black trim.

With 700 watts of power, it’s designed to cook your food thoroughly and quickly. It has easy one touch cooking that takes the guess work out of cooking food. You get one button touch choices like cooking a pizza or popcorn or making a baked potato.

It also has options for frozen vegetables or beverages. It even has a dinner plate specific button. You can cook using your own timed setting and you can also use a weight defrost feature. There are 10 power levels in all.

The Panasonic NN-SU696S Countertop Microwave has 1100 watts of power so it’s a good size appliance for family cooking as well as single meal cooking. What’s so great about this microwave is the sensor feature.

When you put food in to cook, this model will automatically adjust both the power and the cooking time for you. This way, you don’t end up with food that’s overcooked.

It has a dedicated popcorn easy touch button as well as both a sensor cook and a sensor reheat that prevents you from overcooking whatever you want to reheat. It has an auto defrost and a keep warm button that will keep the food warn for as long as 30 minutes after it’s done.

There are 7 touch settings for food preparation that allows the microwave to know how long to cook that item. This microwave isn’t noisy at all and the beep telling you that the food is ready isn’t loud either. It comes with a child safety lock feature, too.

It’s easy to make healthy meals in a microwave that’s affordable like the Westinghouse WCM660B 600 Watt Counter Top Rotary Microwave. This one is a great choice for people who are living in an apartment, in a college dorm and also for people who have trouble seeing smaller electronic touch pads.

This model doesn’t have a touchpad at all and instead uses two knobs – one for the time setting and the other for the power level. This makes it easy for people who are elderly to use.

You can choose from low, defrost, medium low, medium high or high when you want to cook something or reheat it. This 600 watt microwave does have a nice food ready alert. It has a heavy duty glass turning plate for even cooking and reheating and that is dishwasher safe.

Top 3 Dehydrators for Healthier Snack Foods

Healthy eating doesn’t happen by chance. You have to plan what you eat and that includes your snack foods. A dehydrator can give you great tasting snacks that are a lot healthier for you.

When you want something crunchy, you can forego the store bought chips that are filled with fat and sodium and instead have some veggie chips that you make at home.

A dehydrator holds onto the nutrients in the food. The only thing that it takes out is the moisture. This is why dehydrated foods can last for years. You’ll save money with a dehydrator because this type of food costs a lot more when you buy it.

You can make snack foods that are convenient to take anywhere. Of course, to do that, you’ll need a dehydrator like the Nesco FD-75A Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator.

This one has 700 watts to quickly dry whatever you put into the appliance. You can create dried fruits or vegetables, or even turn meat into jerky in just a few hours.

Make your own trail mix creation from things like fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. You can even use the appliance to make natural fruit rolls for children. It has a top fan and an adjustable thermostat so you can select the right drying temperature.

The dehydrator has five of the drying trays but you can purchase more than that separately if you need to and it can fit up to 12 trays in all. The Hamilton Beach 32100A Food Dehydrator is one that has 500 watts to quickly dry whatever you put in it.

You can use it to create jerky from lean meats, create fruit or vegetable snacks such as crisp sweet potato chips for everyone in the family and even make healthy treats like fruit rolls.

This appliance works by using a constant airflow which dries all the foods evenly so you won’t have to move the trays around to make that happen. There’s an adjustable thermostat as well as a timer.

The timer can automatically turn the appliance off once the drying cycle is completed. There are two sheets that come with the unit. One is mesh and the other is solid.

These can be used to create herbs with the mesh one or puree with the solid one. The lid of the unit is clear so you’ll be able to keep an eye on the process. The Presto 06301 Dehydro Digital Electric Food Dehydrator is a rotation free unit that comes with six trays for dehydrating your food items.

You can double the amount of trays to 12. You can make jerky and the machine comes with a sample of spices and cure for that purpose. You can also create fruit or vegetable snacks that are better for you and cost less than you’ll find at the store.

The appliance has a thermostat that can adjust from 90 to 165 degrees based on the food that’s being dehydrated. It also has a timer so that your foods will be done right with each use.

The fan for this model is mounted in the bottom of the appliance. The unit comes with two mesh screens, and two solid sheets for making snacks.

Three Waffle Irons You Can Use to Make Healthy Breakfasts

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. It helps boost weight loss and keeps your glucose as well as your metabolism levels in line. When you start out your day by eating a healthy breakfast, you have more energy as well.

One way to get a healthy breakfast is by making delicious tasting waffles. This is simple to do with a waffle maker like the Presto FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker. The model number 03510 waffle maker has a rotating design which means that you end up with better heat distribution.

Thanks to the extra thick grid, you can cook thicker waffles. Once you pour your mix, you can turn the appliance 180 degrees so that you get smooth waffle batter with each use.

You’ll end up with perfectly toasted waffles that are as fluffy as air on the inside. The grid of this model is nonstick and it can handle a waffle up to 7 inches wide. The grid can create four sections in your finished waffle.

You can set the digital timer for the amount of cooking time and it will count down. Once the waffle is done, you’ll get a signal letting you know. The base of the waffle iron is designed to make it easy for users to flip it when rotating but it also locks so that you can store the waffle iron upright.

After use, it wipes clean easily. The Oster Belgian Waffle Maker is a stainless steel version with model number CKSTWF2000 that makes great looking, great tasting waffles.

The grid allows you to cook a waffle that’s up to 8 inches in diameter. The grid also has the raised squares and the raised cross sections which can make your waffles cook in four easy to cut pieces.

The appliance features a stainless still exterior and a nonstick interior. The handles are cool touch. It comes with an adjustable temperature control. This lets you decide whether or not you want to make your waffles light in color and soft in texture or darker and crispier.

The appliance has a power on light as well as an indicator light. This ready light will turn green to let you know when the temperature is right. The Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker is another model that you’ll want to consider buying.

This one is a flip variety. Once you pour the waffle batter into the maker, you flip the appliance and it cooks a waffle to perfection. It can cook a waffle evenly in about 5 minutes.

Thicker waffles will take a little more time as will the ones that have extra ingredients mixed in the batter. The nonstick grid allows for even grilling as well as being deep enough to create the popular easy cut four sections in a cooked waffle.

It has a cool touch handle and the exterior is made of brushed stainless steel. When it’s time to put the batter in the appliance, you’ll get a ready light indicator. You can add extra ingredients such as fruit or nuts to your waffles as long as you cut back on the amount of batter you use to make room for these ingredients.

These may also require a little extra cooking time. The machine washes clean easily and the inner grids to come off so that you can put them in the dishwasher. If you accidentally overfill the machine, you don’t have to worry about making a mess all over the countertop because the drip tray will collect any extra batter.